IVsPackage Interface


Initializes a VSPackage in the environment and makes its services available to the environment.

public interface class IVsPackage
public interface class IVsPackage
__interface IVsPackage
public interface IVsPackage
type IVsPackage = interface
Public Interface IVsPackage


This interface must be implemented on all VSPackage classes. Visual Studio uses this interface to call on the VSPackage for services it might provide. Most extensions start out by loading a VSPackage, which is sited to the environment. The calling VSPackage is handed a pointer to a service provider.

Notes to Implementers

Implement IVsPackage whenever you initialize a VSPackage.

If a package needs to block shutdown of the IDE it should implement IVsPackage2.



Closes the VSPackage, releases cached interface pointers, and unadvises event sinks.


Enables the environment to create on-demand tool windows that are implemented by VSPackages.

GetAutomationObject(String, Object)

Enables a VSPackage to participate in the DTE automation object model.

GetPropertyPage(Guid, VSPROPSHEETPAGE[])

Proffers access to the Tools menu Options and the property pages of the Customize Toolbox dialog boxes.


Enables a VSPackage that requires user intervention to abort the shutdown process.


Resets Toolbox defaults.


Initializes a VSPackage with a back pointer to the environment.

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