IVsProjectFlavorCfg Interface


The project subtype configuration object implements IVsProjectFlavorCfg to give the project subtype access to various configuration interfaces.

public interface class IVsProjectFlavorCfg
public interface class IVsProjectFlavorCfg
__interface IVsProjectFlavorCfg
public interface IVsProjectFlavorCfg
type IVsProjectFlavorCfg = interface
Public Interface IVsProjectFlavorCfg


A configuration object of a project subtype implements the IVsProjectFlavorCfg interface in order to enhance the base project's configuration object implementation. The object that implements IVsProjectFlavorCfg should also implement IPersistXMLFragment to manage the persistence of its state into the project file.

Notes to Implementers

Implemented by a project subtype and instantiated by the IVsProjectFlavorCfgProvider interface.



Closes the IVsProjectFlavorCfg object.

get_CfgType(Guid, IntPtr)

Provides access to a configuration interfaces such as IVsBuildableProjectCfg2 or IVsDebuggableProjectCfg.

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