IVsSolutionPersistence Interface


Facilitates writing package-specific properties and options into the solution file (.sln), and, conversely, the loading of properties and options from the file.

public interface class IVsSolutionPersistence
public interface class IVsSolutionPersistence
__interface IVsSolutionPersistence
public interface IVsSolutionPersistence
type IVsSolutionPersistence = interface
Public Interface IVsSolutionPersistence


Persistence is managed by the solution, and so the interface is called through its associated service, SVsSolutionPersistence.

See illustrations of the implementation and/or calling of this interface in the sample Solution Extender.

Notes to Callers

Upon saving package-specific properties or options to the .sln file, or loading properties or options from the .sln file.


LoadPackageUserOpts(IVsPersistSolutionOpts, String)

Enables the loading of package-level user options that are stored in one or more named streams in the solution .sln file. This method allows the caller to name the option stream (or streams) to be loaded.

SavePackageSolutionProps(Int32, IVsHierarchy, IVsPersistSolutionProps, String)

Writes properties to the solution .sln file.

SavePackageUserOpts(IVsPersistSolutionOpts, String)

Writes user options to the solution file. Saves package-level user options to one or more named streams in the solution .sln file.

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