IVsTypeLibraryWrapper Interface


This interface is implemented by all wrapping tools.

public interface IVsTypeLibraryWrapper


Use the IVsTypeLibraryWrapper interface whenever you use one of the wrapping tools defined in Type Library Wrapper Tools.

Notes to Implementers

Implement this interface when you need to generate a standardized Visual Studio wrapper for COM components.


GetMainWrapperFilename(TLIBATTR[], String)

Gets the filename for a given type library.

GetMainWrapperFriendlyName(TLIBATTR[], String)

Gets the name that is displayed in the project system when the component is referred to.

NeedsRegeneration(TLIBATTR[], String, String, Int32, Int32, String, Int32)

Determines whether a given wrapper for a given type library needs to be regenerated.

WrapTypeLibrary(TLIBATTR[], String, String, String, Int32, IVsTypeLibraryWrapperCallback, IntPtr[], IntPtr[], IntPtr[], IntPtr[], UInt32)

Finds or encapsulates wrappers for the requested type library as well as any dependent type libraries.

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