IVsWebBrowserUser Interface


Provides a way for clients of IVsWebBrowsingService to control the hosted Web browser control.

public interface class IVsWebBrowserUser
public interface class IVsWebBrowserUser
__interface IVsWebBrowserUser
public interface IVsWebBrowserUser
type IVsWebBrowserUser = interface
Public Interface IVsWebBrowserUser



Disconnects the web browser.

FilterDataObject(IDataObject, IDataObject)

Modifies the specified data object with a filter.


Gets the command UI GUID of this web browser user.

GetCustomMenuInfo(Object, Object, UInt32, UInt32, Guid, Int32)

Gets information needed to customize a menu.

GetCustomURL(UInt32, String)

Gets a custom URL for the specified page.

GetDropTarget(IDropTarget, IDropTarget)

Gets an alternative drop target for the specified drop target.


Gets the external object, if there is one.

GetOptionKeyPath(UInt32, String)

Gets the registry key under which to save user preferences.

Resize(Int32, Int32)

Resizes the browser frame to the specified x and y dimensions.


Translate the specified message.

TranslateUrl(UInt32, String, String)

Translate or modify the specified URL.

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