Specifies the attributes of a font.

public struct LOGFONTW
type LOGFONTW = struct
Public Structure LOGFONTW


This structure maps to the LOGFONT structure documented in the Microsoft Platform Software Development Kit and is provided only as a COM wrapper.


lfCharSet lfCharSet lfCharSet

Specifies the character set.

lfClipPrecision lfClipPrecision lfClipPrecision

Specifies the clipping precision.

lfEscapement lfEscapement lfEscapement

Specifies the angle, in tenths of degrees, between the escapement vector and the x-axis of the device.

lfFaceName lfFaceName lfFaceName

A null-terminated string that specifies the typeface name of the font.

lfHeight lfHeight lfHeight

Specifies the height, in logical units, of the font's character cell or character.

lfItalic lfItalic lfItalic

Specifies an italic font if set to true.

lfOrientation lfOrientation lfOrientation

Specifies the angle, in tenths of degrees, between each character's base line and the x-axis of the device.

lfOutPrecision lfOutPrecision lfOutPrecision

Specifies the output precision.

lfPitchAndFamily lfPitchAndFamily lfPitchAndFamily

Specifies the pitch and family of the font.

lfQuality lfQuality lfQuality

Specifies the output quality.

lfStrikeOut lfStrikeOut lfStrikeOut

Specifies a strikeout font if set to true.

lfUnderline lfUnderline lfUnderline

Specifies an underline font if set to true.

lfWeight lfWeight lfWeight

Specifies the weight of the font in the range 0 through 1000.

lfWidth lfWidth lfWidth

Specifies the average width, in logical units, of characters in the font.

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