SOleComponentUIManager SOleComponentUIManager SOleComponentUIManager Interface


Passed to GetService(Type) to return a reference to an IOleComponentUIManager or IOleInPlaceComponentUIManager interface.

public interface SOleComponentUIManager
type SOleComponentUIManager = interface
Public Interface SOleComponentUIManager


As an extension to OLE in-place activation, the SOleComponentUIManager allows VSPackages to seamlessly integrate menus, toolbars, and commands into the VS environment and to operate without having to participate in standard OLE menu merging. Whereas in the past, only the innermost in-place active object and the outermost container could handle commands, the SOleComponentUIManager service enables three levels of command handling participation:

  • The host frame controlled by the environment

  • A VSPackage component contained within the host frame

  • An in-place object embedded in the component.

    SOleComponentUIManager allows a VSPackage component to display messages, show context menus, and access status bar functionality.

    The SOleComponentUIManager service is complimentary to SVsUIShell, and they are often both used together. However, SOleComponentUIManager is a host independent service that is not specific to the VS environment.

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