VsAppPackageLaunchInfo VsAppPackageLaunchInfo VsAppPackageLaunchInfo Struct


Specifies the properties for DLO_AppPackageDebug targets.

public struct VsAppPackageLaunchInfo
type VsAppPackageLaunchInfo = struct
Public Structure VsAppPackageLaunchInfo


AppPlatform AppPlatform AppPlatform

The platform that the application is targeting.

AppUserModelID AppUserModelID AppUserModelID

String identifying the application to activate. This member is not required to be from the same package as Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.VsImmersiveAppInfo.PackageMoniker. This member can be null if the debugger should not activate any application. This member is optional.

PackageMoniker PackageMoniker PackageMoniker

String identifying the application package to debug. For Windows Store apps, this is the full name of the package.

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