VsDebugTargetInfo2 VsDebugTargetInfo2 VsDebugTargetInfo2 Struct


Provides information about a debug target.

public struct VsDebugTargetInfo2
type VsDebugTargetInfo2 = struct
Public Structure VsDebugTargetInfo2


bstrArg bstrArg bstrArg

BSTR containing the command line arguments to the exe (DLO_CreateProcess).

bstrCurDir bstrCurDir bstrCurDir

BSTR containing the current directory (DLO_CreateProcess).

bstrEnv bstrEnv bstrEnv

BSTR containing the environment settings (DLO_CreateProcess).

bstrExe bstrExe bstrExe

BSTR containing the name of the executable.

bstrOptions bstrOptions bstrOptions

BSTR containing custom options specific to each debugger (null is recommended).

bstrPortName bstrPortName bstrPortName

BSTR containing the name of the port from the supplier specified in guidPortSupplier. (Can be null).

bstrRemoteMachine bstrRemoteMachine bstrRemoteMachine

BSTR containing the machine name for a remote machine. Use null for the local machine.

cbSize cbSize cbSize

Specifies the size of the VsDebugTargetInfo2 struct.

dlo dlo dlo

Specifies how this process should be launched or attached.

dwDebugEngineCount dwDebugEngineCount dwDebugEngineCount

Specifies the number of debug engine GUIDs in the guidLaunchDebugEngine array.

dwProcessId dwProcessId dwProcessId

Specifies the process id (DLO_AlreadyRunning).

dwReserved dwReserved dwReserved

Reserved for future use - specify null.

fSendToOutputWindow fSendToOutputWindow fSendToOutputWindow

BOOL - if true, stdout and stderr are to be routed to the output window.

guidLaunchDebugEngine guidLaunchDebugEngine guidLaunchDebugEngine

Specifies the guid of the debug engine used for launch (DLO_CreateProcess)

guidPortSupplier guidPortSupplier guidPortSupplier

Specifies the GUID of the port supplier.

guidProcessLanguage guidProcessLanguage guidProcessLanguage

Specifies the language of the hosting process. Used to preload expression evaluators.

hStdError hStdError hStdError

The stderr handle.

hStdInput hStdInput hStdInput

The stdin handle.

hStdOutput hStdOutput hStdOutput

The stdout handle.

LaunchFlags LaunchFlags LaunchFlags

Specifies the launch flags that were passed to DebugLaunch(UInt32).

pDebugEngines pDebugEngines pDebugEngines

Specifies an array of debug engine guids, or null if dwDebugEngineCount is zero.

pUnknown pUnknown pUnknown

Specifies an interface pointer - usage depends on DEBUG_LAUNCH_OPERATION.

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