VsSymbolicNavigationManager Interface


Represents a global service that manages the list of IVsSymbolicNavigationNotify handlers that are registered on a project-scoped basis. This interface is available via QueryService(Type, Object).

public interface VsSymbolicNavigationManager : Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.IVsSymbolicNavigationManager


The language service of a code language should call OnBeforeNavigateToSymbol on this service before performing a “go to definition” type of navigation to a symbol in code. This allows an advanced code generator system to overtake normal navigation and cause navigation to the definition of a symbol in the source document that generated the code definition.

This service loops through all of the registered objects, calling its symbol querying methods, until the first one handles the symbol. The order of the calls is undefined. Implementations of these methods should quickly respond false for any irrelevant files by checking the file extension of the input code file. Other quick checks should be made if the input IVsHierarchy is supported.

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