Column definitions for tasks.

public value class VSTASKCOLUMN
public struct VSTASKCOLUMN
type VSTASKCOLUMN = struct
Public Structure VSTASKCOLUMN


These values are returned from GetColumn.

COM Signature

From vsshell80.idl:

typedef struct _VSTASKCOLUMN  
    int     iField;  
    BSTR    bstrHeading;  
    int     iImage;  
    BOOL    fShowSortArrow;  
    BOOL    fAllowUserSort;  
    BOOL    fVisibleByDefault;  
    BOOL    fAllowHide;  
    BOOL    fSizeable;  
    BOOL    fMoveable;  
    int     iDefaultSortPriority;  
    BOOL    fDescendingSort;  
    int     cxMinWidth;  
    int     cxDefaultWidth;  
    BOOL    fDynamicSize;  
    BSTR    bstrCanonicalName;  
    BSTR    bstrLocalizedName;  
    BSTR    bstrTip;  
    BOOL    fFitContent;  


bstrCanonicalName bstrCanonicalName bstrCanonicalName bstrCanonicalName

String containing the non-localized name of the column header. It must be unique within this provider's column list.

bstrHeading bstrHeading bstrHeading bstrHeading

String containing the text in header. bstrHeading may be null to indicate an image.

bstrLocalizedName bstrLocalizedName bstrLocalizedName bstrLocalizedName

String containing the localized name for the column header.

bstrTip bstrTip bstrTip bstrTip

String containing the tooltip for the column header.

cxDefaultWidth cxDefaultWidth cxDefaultWidth cxDefaultWidth

The default column width in pixels.

cxMinWidth cxMinWidth cxMinWidth cxMinWidth

The minimum column width in pixels.

fAllowHide fAllowHide fAllowHide fAllowHide

Flag indicating whether the user is allowed to change the column's visibility.

fAllowUserSort fAllowUserSort fAllowUserSort fAllowUserSort

Flag indicating whether the user is allowed to sort by clicking on the column's header.

fDescendingSort fDescendingSort fDescendingSort fDescendingSort

Flag indicating the column is sorted in descending order (default is ascending).

fDynamicSize fDynamicSize fDynamicSize fDynamicSize

Flag indicating whether the task list is allowed to resize the column automatically to make content fit better.

fFitContent fFitContent fFitContent fFitContent

Column will be automatically resized to fit whenever its content changes.

fMoveable fMoveable fMoveable fMoveable

Flag indicating whether the column may be dragged to another position by the user.

fShowSortArrow fShowSortArrow fShowSortArrow fShowSortArrow

Flag indicating whether a sort arrow is shown in the header when the list is sorted by this column.

fSizeable fSizeable fSizeable fSizeable

Flag indicating whether the column may be resized by the user.

fVisibleByDefault fVisibleByDefault fVisibleByDefault fVisibleByDefault

Flag indicating whether this column is visible by default.

iDefaultSortPriority iDefaultSortPriority iDefaultSortPriority iDefaultSortPriority

Specifies if a column is sorted by default.

iField iField iField iField

The field index designated by the task provider.

iImage iImage iImage iImage

Index into the provider's image list.

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