Package.ToolboxInitialized Package.ToolboxInitialized Package.ToolboxInitialized Package.ToolboxInitialized Event


Event generated whenever Visual Studio initializes its Toolbox.

 event EventHandler ^ ToolboxInitialized;
public event EventHandler ToolboxInitialized;
member this.ToolboxInitialized : EventHandler 
Public Event ToolboxInitialized As EventHandler 


The Visual Studio IDE generates a ToolboxInitialized event whenever one or more of the following situations occur:

  1. A user manually resets the Toolbox by right-clicking on one of the Toolbox categories and selection Reset Toolbox.

  2. A new VSPackage providing Toolbox items is registered.

  3. A VSPackage programmatically generates a ToolboxInitialized event through the Visual Studio SDK by a VSPackage calling ResetDefaults with PKGRF_TOOLBOXITEMS.

    IVsUIShell uiShell = (IVsUIShell)GetService(typeof(SVsUIShell));  
    IVsPackage pkg = GetService(typeof(Package)) as IVsPackage;  

For more information on handling a ToolboxInitialized event and providing custom Toolbox items, see Advanced Toolbox Control Development.

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