PackageRegistrationAttribute PackageRegistrationAttribute PackageRegistrationAttribute Class


Modify your class that implements IVsPackage by using this attribute so that the registration tool, RegPkg.exe, will look for additional attributes. For more information, see Registering VSPackages.

[System.AttributeUsage(System.AttributeTargets.Class, AllowMultiple=false, Inherited=true)]
public sealed class PackageRegistrationAttribute : Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.RegistrationAttribute
type PackageRegistrationAttribute = class
    inherit RegistrationAttribute
Public NotInheritable Class PackageRegistrationAttribute
Inherits RegistrationAttribute


RegPkg.exe uses C# reflection to determine the attributes that modify your assembly-implemented package. RegPkg.exe then evaluates each attribute by using information that is specific to the current installation, and then creates registry entries that describe the package to Visual Studio. If your class inherits from the Managed Package Framework (MPF) class Package, this attribute is already included. If you create your own class that implements IVsPackage, manually modify your class by using one PackageRegistrationAttribute or the package will not load.


PackageRegistrationAttribute() PackageRegistrationAttribute() PackageRegistrationAttribute()

Initializes an instance of this attribute.


AllowsBackgroundLoading AllowsBackgroundLoading AllowsBackgroundLoading

Determines whether the package is safe to load on a background thread.

RegisterUsing RegisterUsing RegisterUsing

Gets or sets the method of registration.

SatellitePath SatellitePath SatellitePath

Gets or sets the non-default resource .dll location.

TypeId TypeId TypeId

Gets the current instance of this attribute.

(Inherited from RegistrationAttribute)
UseManagedResourcesOnly UseManagedResourcesOnly UseManagedResourcesOnly

Gets or sets whether package resources are described in a managed package or in a satellite UI .dll file.


GetPackageRegKeyPath(Guid) GetPackageRegKeyPath(Guid) GetPackageRegKeyPath(Guid)

Gets the registry path (relative to the registry root of the application) of the VSPackage.

(Inherited from RegistrationAttribute)
Register(RegistrationAttribute+RegistrationContext) Register(RegistrationAttribute+RegistrationContext) Register(RegistrationAttribute+RegistrationContext)

Creates registry entries that correspond to the value of this attribute.

Unregister(RegistrationAttribute+RegistrationContext) Unregister(RegistrationAttribute+RegistrationContext) Unregister(RegistrationAttribute+RegistrationContext)

Removes attribute-specific registry entries.

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