ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute Class


Describes the assemblies that the IConfigureToolboxItem class supports.

public ref class ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute sealed : Attribute
[System.AttributeUsage(System.AttributeTargets.Class, AllowMultiple=true, Inherited=true)]
public sealed class ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute : Attribute
type ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute = class
    inherit Attribute
Public NotInheritable Class ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute
Inherits Attribute


The example below registers the ToolboxConfig class as providing configuration support for all ToolboxItem classes in all assemblies that have a name beginning with Vsip.

    [ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute("Vsip.*, Version=*, Culture=*, PublicKeyToken=*")]  
    public sealed class ToolboxConfig : IConfigureToolboxItem   


An IConfigureToolboxItem must be contained in a VSPackage.

The ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute attributes are applied to a IConfigureToolboxItem in order to specify which ToolboxItem objects are configured by the IConfigureToolboxItem object.

A IConfigureToolboxItem class filters these assemblies on the basis of the parent assembly of the ToolboxItem class. This parent assembly is specified in the constructor ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute, which is used to create a given instance of ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute applied to that IConfigureToolboxItem object.

When specifying an assembly:

  • The ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute specifies the full assembly identification, including a simple name, a version number, a cryptographic key pair, and a supported culture. For more information on assembly identification, see AssemblyName. The * character in a specification is interpreted as a wildcard.

  • The assembly name is set through the solution properties dialog.


ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute(String) ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute(String) ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute(String) ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute(String)

Creates a new instance of a ProvideAssemblyFilterAttribute object with the specified assembly name.


AssemblyFilter AssemblyFilter AssemblyFilter AssemblyFilter

Gets the full assembly specification of the filter.

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