IClassifierAggregatorService IClassifierAggregatorService IClassifierAggregatorService IClassifierAggregatorService Interface


A service that returns an IClassifier that aggregates and normalizes all IClassifier contributions for a ITextBuffer.

public interface class IClassifierAggregatorService
public interface IClassifierAggregatorService
type IClassifierAggregatorService = interface
Public Interface IClassifierAggregatorService


This is a MEF component part, and should be imported as follows:

[Import] IClassifierAggregatorService aggregator = null;  

The normalized classifications produced by this aggregator are sorted and do not overlap. If a span of text had multiple classifications based on the original classifier contributions, then in the normalized classification it has a transient classification that corresponds to all of the original classifications.

Classifier aggregators are cached for each ITextBuffer.

For more information about classification, see the section "Extending Classification Types and Classification Formats" in Language Service and Editor Extension Points.


GetClassifier(ITextBuffer) GetClassifier(ITextBuffer) GetClassifier(ITextBuffer) GetClassifier(ITextBuffer)

Gets the cached IClassifier for the given ITextBuffer.

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