IDropHandler.IsDropEnabled(DragDropInfo) IDropHandler.IsDropEnabled(DragDropInfo) IDropHandler.IsDropEnabled(DragDropInfo) Method


Determines whether the handler can accept data for a drag and drop operation.

 bool IsDropEnabled(Microsoft::VisualStudio::Text::Editor::DragDrop::DragDropInfo ^ dragDropInfo);
public bool IsDropEnabled (Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Editor.DragDrop.DragDropInfo dragDropInfo);
abstract member IsDropEnabled : Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Editor.DragDrop.DragDropInfo -> bool
DragDropInfo DragDropInfo DragDropInfo

Information about the drag and drop operation.


true if the handler can accept data now, otherwise false.


This method is used by the editor to check whether the drop handler can accept data after it has been designated to handle a drag and drop operation. For example, the drop handler may be able to handle data only if the view is not read-only. The implementation of this method should check the read-only status of the view. If one drop handler returns false, another drop handler might be used to handle the drop operation, even if the ordering of IDropHandler objects dictates otherwise.

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