IScrollMap IScrollMap IScrollMap Interface


Defines the mapping between character positions and scrollmap coordinates.

public interface IScrollMap : Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Editor.IVerticalFractionMap
type IScrollMap = interface
    interface IVerticalFractionMap
Public Interface IScrollMap
Implements IVerticalFractionMap


This coordinate system is not the same as the one in which the scrollbar is rendered.

Valid text positions range between 0 and ITextView.TextSnapshot.Length. Corresponding scrollmap coordinates range between 0.0 and CoordinateOfBufferEnd.

Not every buffer position will have a distinct scrollmap coordinate. For example, every character on the same line of text will generally have the same scrollmap coordinate. Different scrollmap coordinates may map to the same buffer position. For example, scrollmap coordinates in the range [0.0, 1.0) will generally map to the first character of the buffer.


AreElisionsExpanded AreElisionsExpanded AreElisionsExpanded

Determines whether the coordinate system used by this scroll map acts as if all elisions are expanded.

End End End

Gets the scrollmap coordinate of the end of the buffer.

Start Start Start

Gets the scrollmap coordinate of the start of the buffer.

ThumbSize ThumbSize ThumbSize

Gets the size of the text visible in the view (in scrollmap coordinates).


GetBufferPositionAtCoordinate(Double) GetBufferPositionAtCoordinate(Double) GetBufferPositionAtCoordinate(Double)

Gets the buffer position that corresponds to a scrollmap coordinate.

GetCoordinateAtBufferPosition(SnapshotPoint) GetCoordinateAtBufferPosition(SnapshotPoint) GetCoordinateAtBufferPosition(SnapshotPoint)

Gets the scrollmap coordinates of a buffer position.

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