ITextBuffer.Changed ITextBuffer.Changed ITextBuffer.Changed ITextBuffer.Changed Event


Occurs when a non-empty ITextEdit is successfully applied.

 event EventHandler<Microsoft::VisualStudio::Text::TextContentChangedEventArgs ^> ^ Changed;
event EventHandler<Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.TextContentChangedEventArgs> Changed;
member this.Changed : EventHandler<Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.TextContentChangedEventArgs> 
Event Changed As EventHandler(Of TextContentChangedEventArgs) 


This event is raised after ChangedHighPriority events and before ChangedLowPriority events.

If a second edit is applied by a listener to the Changed event (or the ChangedHighPriority or ChangedLowPriority events), the Changed events for the second edit will not be raised until all listeners have been notified of the first edit (via ChangedLowPriority, Changed, and ChangedHighPriority events). That is, the events for subsequent edits are queued. This ensures listeners receive the Changed events in the order the edits were applied.

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