IVsContainedLanguage Interface


Provides simplistic contained language service features.

public interface IVsContainedLanguage


A code block embedded in a larger document is typically implemented in a language other than the parent document. The language this code block is written in is represented by the IVsContainedLanguage interface for purposes of displaying the code block in the editor. The IVsContainedLanguage provides functionality for syntax highlighting and some interactive support through the text view (possibly to support code reformatting, statement completion, and so on).

Notes to Implementers

Implement this interface to support a contained language service feature. This interface is typically implemented on its own class as an instance of the interface is returned from a factory.

Notes to Callers

Obtain this interface implemented on an object that is returned from a call to the GetLanguage(IVsHierarchy, UInt32, IVsTextBufferCoordinator, IVsContainedLanguage) method in the IVsContainedLanguageFactory interface.



Returns a colorizer object for the language.


Returns the GUID for the full language service of the contained language.

GetTextViewFilter(IVsIntellisenseHost, IOleCommandTarget, IVsTextViewFilter)

Returns a text view filter to handle delegated text view filtering responsibility.


Recompiles the language file, or the entire project.


Allows for a change in buffer coordinators on-the-fly.


Sets the language host for the secondary language.


Called to ensure the contained language is ready.

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