IVsDropdownBar IVsDropdownBar IVsDropdownBar Interface


Provides control of the drop-down bar at the top of a code window.

public interface IVsDropdownBar
type IVsDropdownBar = interface
Public Interface IVsDropdownBar


Use IVsDropDownBar to force a refresh of the drop-down bar combination contents or to change the selection of one of the combinations.

Notes to Implementers

Implement IVsDropdownBar to directly communicate with a drop-down menu bar. To obtain an IVsDropdownBar, see IVsDropdownBarManager.


Attach(IntPtr, Int32, IVsDropdownBarClient) Attach(IntPtr, Int32, IVsDropdownBarClient) Attach(IntPtr, Int32, IVsDropdownBarClient)

Creates the window and drop-down combination and sets up a link between the drop-down bar and its client.

Detach() Detach() Detach()

Breaks the link between the dropdown bar and its client.

GetClient(IVsDropdownBarClient) GetClient(IVsDropdownBarClient) GetClient(IVsDropdownBarClient)

Returns the client associated with this drop-down bar.

GetCurrentSelection(Int32, Int32) GetCurrentSelection(Int32, Int32) GetCurrentSelection(Int32, Int32)

Returns the entry that is currently selected in a given combination.

RefreshCombo(Int32, Int32) RefreshCombo(Int32, Int32) RefreshCombo(Int32, Int32)

Force a repaint of a combo, specifying the new selection.

SetCurrentSelection(Int32, Int32) SetCurrentSelection(Int32, Int32) SetCurrentSelection(Int32, Int32)

Sets the current selection in the given drop-down combination

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