IVsMethodTipWindow Interface


Provides a method tip window for an item in a language service.

public interface IVsMethodTipWindow : Microsoft.VisualStudio.TextManager.Interop.IVsTipWindow


Call this interface from your language service to provide method tips based on what the user is typing in the core editor. To intercept user characters, your language service object must also implement IOleCommandTarget. To pass the text view a pointer to your IOleCommandTarget implementation, call AddCommandFilter. The command filter intercepts commands that the user types into the code window. Monitor the command information to know when to display method tip information to the user.

The method tip window provides users with hints about where they are in a language construct. When the user types a keyword that the language service can provide hints on, the language service creates an IVsMethodTipWindow object and calls UpdateTipWindow to notify the view that it's time to provide a hint. Create IVsMethodTipWindow using VsLocalCreateInstance and specifying the coclass CLSID_VsMethodTipWindow. VsLocalCreateInstance is a function defined in vsdoc.h that calls QueryService for the local registry and calls CreateInstance on this object for the CLSID_VsMethodTipWindow.

Use IVsTipWindow to provide a generic tip to the user.

See illustrations of the implementation and/or calling of this interface in the sample Figures Language Service.

Notes to Implementers

Implemented by the core text editor to provide a method tip window.



The window is being dismissed by the view.

GetContextStream(Int32, Int32)

Returns the context stream.

GetSizePreferences(RECT[], TIPSIZEDATA[])

Returns the size preferences for the tip window.

Paint(IntPtr, RECT[])

Paints the tip window.


Sets method data to display in the method tip window and releases previous method data.

WndProc(IntPtr, UInt32, IntPtr, IntPtr)

Method information not provided. Do not use this method.

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