vsCMWhere vsCMWhere vsCMWhere Enum


Used by the StartPointOf, EndPointOf, and Location properties.

public enum vsCMWhere
type vsCMWhere = 
Public Enum vsCMWhere


vsCMWhereDeclaration vsCMWhereDeclaration vsCMWhereDeclaration 1

The declaration of the parent object.

vsCMWhereDefault vsCMWhereDefault vsCMWhereDefault 0

Avoids errors by searching for either a definition or declaration.

vsCMWhereDefinition vsCMWhereDefinition vsCMWhereDefinition 2

The definition of the parent object.

vsCMWhereInvalid vsCMWhereInvalid vsCMWhereInvalid -1

Enumeration is uninitialized.


Use the vsCMWhereDefault value when you are uncertain if the parent object has both a definition and a declaration. This value causes the method to first search for a definition. If no definition is found, the method automatically searches for a declaration. If neither a definition nor declaration is found, the method fails.


The vsCMWhereInvalid constant indicates that the enumeration has not been previously initialized by the programmer. The Visual C++ code model library does not use this value.