VCALinkTool VCALinkTool VCALinkTool VCALinkTool Interface


Represents the ALink tool, which is used to generate satellite assemblies from managed resources.

public interface class VCALinkTool
[System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibType(System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDual | System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDispatchable)]
public interface VCALinkTool
type VCALinkTool = interface
Public Interface VCALinkTool


ExecutionBucket ExecutionBucket ExecutionBucket ExecutionBucket

Microsoft Internal Use Only.

OutputBaseFileName OutputBaseFileName OutputBaseFileName OutputBaseFileName

Gets the name (but not the location) of the generated satellite resource DLL or DLL.

ToolKind ToolKind ToolKind ToolKind

Gets the name of the kind of tool.

toolName toolName toolName toolName

Gets the name of the specified tool.

ToolPath ToolPath ToolPath ToolPath

Gets the path to the specified tool.

VCProjectEngine VCProjectEngine VCProjectEngine VCProjectEngine

Gets a pointer object to the project engine.

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