VCConfiguration VCConfiguration VCConfiguration Interface


The VCConfiguration object programmatically accesses the properties in the General property page of a project's Property Pages dialog box. This object also allows access to the tools used to build this configuration.

[System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibType(System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDual | System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDispatchable)]
public interface VCConfiguration
type VCConfiguration = interface
Public Interface VCConfiguration


For more information, see Working with Project Properties.


ATLMinimizesCRunTimeLibraryUsage ATLMinimizesCRunTimeLibraryUsage ATLMinimizesCRunTimeLibraryUsage

Causes ATL to link to the C runtime libraries statically to minimize dependencies; requires that useOfATL property is set.

BuildLogFile BuildLogFile BuildLogFile

Sets or gets the name of the html log file.

CharacterSet CharacterSet CharacterSet

Gets or sets a value that tells the compiler to use the specified character set.

ConfigurationName ConfigurationName ConfigurationName

Gets or sets the project configuration to be built.

ConfigurationType ConfigurationType ConfigurationType

Gets or sets the type of output this configuration generates.

DebugSettings DebugSettings DebugSettings

Gets a pointer to the object containing the debug settings information for the selected configuration.

DeleteExtensionsOnClean DeleteExtensionsOnClean DeleteExtensionsOnClean

Gets or sets which files in the intermediate directory to delete on clean or rebuild.

DeploymentTool DeploymentTool DeploymentTool

Gets the deployment tool.


Microsoft Internal Use Only.

EnableManagedIncrementalBuild EnableManagedIncrementalBuild EnableManagedIncrementalBuild


ExcludeBuckets ExcludeBuckets ExcludeBuckets

Sets or gets which tool buckets to ignore during a build.

FileTools FileTools FileTools

Lists the available tools that operate on files.

ImportLibrary ImportLibrary ImportLibrary

Gets which import library to generate or reports which import library will be generated by the configuration. ImportLibrary exposes the functionality of the /IMPLIB (Name Import Library) linker option.

InheritedPropertySheets InheritedPropertySheets InheritedPropertySheets

Sets or gets the property sheets for a config.

IntermediateDirectory IntermediateDirectory IntermediateDirectory

Gets or sets a relative path to the intermediate file directory; can include environment variables.

IntrinsicPropertySheets IntrinsicPropertySheets IntrinsicPropertySheets

Microsoft internal use only. Do not use.

ManagedExtensions ManagedExtensions ManagedExtensions

Gets or sets a configuration that uses Visual C++. ManagedExtensions exposes the functionality of the C++ compiler's /clr (Common Language Runtime Compilation) option.

Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of the object.

OutputDirectory OutputDirectory OutputDirectory

Gets or sets the directory in which to place output. The default directory is the project directory.

PerUserRedirection PerUserRedirection PerUserRedirection

Gets a value that indicates whether COM registration for the current configuration is per-user or per-computer.

Platform Platform Platform

Gets the platform for which this configuration is being built.

PrimaryOutput PrimaryOutput PrimaryOutput

Gets the primary output from building this configuration.

ProgramDatabase ProgramDatabase ProgramDatabase

Gets the program database, if any, that the configuration generates.

project project project

Gets the VCProject associated with the VCConfiguration.

PropertySheets PropertySheets PropertySheets

Gets all property sheets for the project.

RegisterOutput RegisterOutput RegisterOutput

Gets a value indicating whether the configuration registers the primary output of this build.

Rules Rules Rules

Gets a collection of IVCRulePropertyStorage objects that can modify to project-level properties and default item metadata defined in this property sheet.

SatelliteDLLs SatelliteDLLs SatelliteDLLs

Gets a semicolon-delimited list of all satellite DLLs that this configuration generates.

SqlAssemblyOwner SqlAssemblyOwner SqlAssemblyOwner

Sets or gets the SQL assembly owner.

SqlDebugScript SqlDebugScript SqlDebugScript

Gets or sets the name of the SQL debug script.

SqlDeploySource SqlDeploySource SqlDeploySource

Sets or gets whether to include source files when deploying a SQL assembly.

SqlPermissionLevel SqlPermissionLevel SqlPermissionLevel

Gets or sets the SQL permission level for the project.

SqlPostDeployScript SqlPostDeployScript SqlPostDeployScript

Sets or gets the script for post SQL deploy activity.

SqlPreDeployScript SqlPreDeployScript SqlPreDeployScript

Sets or gets the script for per SQL deploy activity.

Tools Tools Tools

Gets the available tools for the configuration.

UpToDate UpToDate UpToDate

Gets a value indicating whether the current configuration's build state is up to date.

useOfATL useOfATL useOfATL

Gets or sets a value indicating how ATL is used by the configuration.

useOfMfc useOfMfc useOfMfc

Gets or sets how MFC is used by the configuration.

VCProjectEngine VCProjectEngine VCProjectEngine

Gets a pointer to the project engine.

WholeProgramOptimization WholeProgramOptimization WholeProgramOptimization

Gets or sets cross-module optimizations by delaying code generation to link time. WholeProgramOptimization exposes the functionality of the compiler's /GL (Whole Program Optimization) option.


AddPropertySheet(String) AddPropertySheet(String) AddPropertySheet(String)

Adds a property sheet to the collection of property sheets directly imported by a configuration.

Build() Build() Build()

Builds the current configuration.

BuildAndCallback(bldActionTypes, IVCBuildCompleteCallback) BuildAndCallback(bldActionTypes, IVCBuildCompleteCallback) BuildAndCallback(bldActionTypes, IVCBuildCompleteCallback)

Begins an asynchronous build of this configuration.

BuildWithProperty(bldActionTypes, String, String, IVCBuildCompleteCallback) BuildWithProperty(bldActionTypes, String, String, IVCBuildCompleteCallback) BuildWithProperty(bldActionTypes, String, String, IVCBuildCompleteCallback)

Begins an asynchronous build with a given property set to some value beyond what is defined in the project file.

BuildWithPropertySheet(VCPropertySheet, BuildWithPropertySheetType) BuildWithPropertySheet(VCPropertySheet, BuildWithPropertySheetType) BuildWithPropertySheet(VCPropertySheet, BuildWithPropertySheetType)

Used to set properties for builds.

BuildWithPropertySheetPath(String, BuildWithPropertySheetType) BuildWithPropertySheetPath(String, BuildWithPropertySheetType) BuildWithPropertySheetPath(String, BuildWithPropertySheetType)

Specifies a property sheet search path.

Clean() Clean() Clean()

Invokes the Clean() command for the current configuration.

ClearToolProperty(Object, String) ClearToolProperty(Object, String) ClearToolProperty(Object, String)

Clears the tool property value.

CollectIntelliSenseInfo() CollectIntelliSenseInfo() CollectIntelliSenseInfo()
CopyTo(Object) CopyTo(Object) CopyTo(Object)

Copies the current configuration.

Delete() Delete() Delete()

Microsoft Internal Use Only.

Deploy() Deploy() Deploy()

Deploys the project.

Evaluate(String) Evaluate(String) Evaluate(String)

Evaluates the value of a project model or environment macro. See Common Macros for Build Commands and Properties for more information about these macros.

GetEvaluatedPropertyValue(String) GetEvaluatedPropertyValue(String) GetEvaluatedPropertyValue(String)
GetUnevaluatedPropertyValue(String) GetUnevaluatedPropertyValue(String) GetUnevaluatedPropertyValue(String)
GetVCService(Guid) GetVCService(Guid) GetVCService(Guid)
IsBuildActionSupported(bldActionTypes) IsBuildActionSupported(bldActionTypes) IsBuildActionSupported(bldActionTypes)

Indicates whether a specified type of build applies to the currrent project configuration.

IsUpToDate(Object) IsUpToDate(Object) IsUpToDate(Object)
MatchName(String, Boolean) MatchName(String, Boolean) MatchName(String, Boolean)

Matches a specified name to the name of a collection item.

MovePropertySheet(VCPropertySheet, Boolean) MovePropertySheet(VCPropertySheet, Boolean) MovePropertySheet(VCPropertySheet, Boolean)

Moves a property sheet one position before or after the other property sheets directly imported by this configuration. Position is based on the evaluation order of the property sheets.

Rebuild() Rebuild() Rebuild()

Rebuilds the current configuration.

Relink() Relink() Relink()

Relink the project.

RemovePropertySheet(VCPropertySheet) RemovePropertySheet(VCPropertySheet) RemovePropertySheet(VCPropertySheet)

Removes a property sheet from the collection of property sheets directly imported by a configuration.

StopBuild() StopBuild() StopBuild()

Cancels the build currently in progress on the specified configuration.

WaitForBuild() WaitForBuild() WaitForBuild()

Suspends processing until build is complete.

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