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The VCFile object describes the operations that can take place on a file in the active project.

public interface class VCFile : Microsoft::VisualStudio::VCProjectEngine::VCProjectItem
[System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibType(System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDual | System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDispatchable)]
public interface VCFile : Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine.VCProjectItem
type VCFile = interface
    interface VCProjectItem
Public Interface VCFile
Implements VCProjectItem


ContentType ContentType ContentType ContentType
CustomTool CustomTool CustomTool CustomTool

Microsoft Internal Use Only.

DeploymentContent DeploymentContent DeploymentContent DeploymentContent

Gets or sets a value indicating the deployment status of the selected file. DeploymentContent is used when a deployment project is part of the solution.

Extension Extension Extension Extension

Gets the extension of a file.

FileConfigurations FileConfigurations FileConfigurations FileConfigurations

The list of configurations on the selected file.

FileType FileType FileType FileType

Gets or sets the type of file.

FullPath FullPath FullPath FullPath

Gets the full path of the project file. This property is read-only.

ItemName ItemName ItemName ItemName

Gets the name of the current item in the collection.

Items Items Items Items

Gets the collection of files and top-level folders in a project or the collection of files and folders in a folder.

ItemType ItemType ItemType ItemType

Gets or sets the MSBuild item type.

Kind Kind Kind Kind

Gets an enumeration indicating the type of object.

Name Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of the object.

Object Object Object Object

Provides a reference between the Visual Studio object model and the Visual C++ object model.

Parent Parent Parent Parent

Gets the immediate parent object.

project project project project

Gets the VCProject associated with the object.

RelativePath RelativePath RelativePath RelativePath

Gets or sets the relative path to the file. This path must be relative to the project directory and can contain macros.

SubType SubType SubType SubType

Gets or sets the file's subtype as understood by the designers.

UnexpandedRelativePath UnexpandedRelativePath UnexpandedRelativePath UnexpandedRelativePath

Gets the relative path before a macro expansion.

VCProjectEngine VCProjectEngine VCProjectEngine VCProjectEngine

Gets a pointer to the project engine.


AddFile(String) AddFile(String) AddFile(String) AddFile(String)

Adds a file to the current project or folder.

CanAddFile(String) CanAddFile(String) CanAddFile(String) CanAddFile(String)

Returns true if the specified file can be added to the current project or filter.

CanMove(Object) CanMove(Object) CanMove(Object) CanMove(Object)

Returns true if a file can be moved to the specified location.

GetFileConfigurationForProjectConfiguration(VCConfiguration) GetFileConfigurationForProjectConfiguration(VCConfiguration) GetFileConfigurationForProjectConfiguration(VCConfiguration) GetFileConfigurationForProjectConfiguration(VCConfiguration)
MatchName(String, Boolean) MatchName(String, Boolean) MatchName(String, Boolean) MatchName(String, Boolean)

Matches a specified name to the name of a collection item.

Move(Object) Move(Object) Move(Object) Move(Object)

Moves a file or folder into the top level of the project or a new folder.

Remove() Remove() Remove() Remove()

Removes the specified project from the solution.

RemoveFile(Object) RemoveFile(Object) RemoveFile(Object) RemoveFile(Object)

Removes a file from the current project or folder.

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