VCNMakeTool VCNMakeTool VCNMakeTool Interface


Programmatically accesses the properties in the NMAKE folder of a project's Property Pages dialog box. See Working with Project Properties for information about how to access a project's Property Pages dialog box.

[System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibType(System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDual | System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDispatchable)]
public interface VCNMakeTool
type VCNMakeTool = interface
Public Interface VCNMakeTool


VCNMakeTool is only available for the Makefile configuration type. Failure to have the output file set to anything other than blank means that your configuration will always be up to date and it will not build.


AssemblySearchPath AssemblySearchPath AssemblySearchPath

Sets or gets the assembly search path.

BuildCommandLine BuildCommandLine BuildCommandLine

Gets or sets the command line to run for the Build() command (Build() menu).

CleanCommandLine CleanCommandLine CleanCommandLine

Gets or sets the command line to run for the Clean() command (Build() menu).

CompileAsManaged CompileAsManaged CompileAsManaged

Gets or sets the CompileAsManaged property.

ForcedIncludes ForcedIncludes ForcedIncludes

Sets or gets which include files must be preprocessed.

ForcedUsingAssemblies ForcedUsingAssemblies ForcedUsingAssemblies

Sets or gets a metadata file to reference in this compilation.

IncludeSearchPath IncludeSearchPath IncludeSearchPath

Sets or gets the search path for include files.

Output Output Output

Gets or sets the output file name.

PreprocessorDefinitions PreprocessorDefinitions PreprocessorDefinitions

Set or gets preprocessor symbols.

ReBuildCommandLine ReBuildCommandLine ReBuildCommandLine

Gets or sets the command line to run for the Rebuild() command (Build() menu).

ToolKind ToolKind ToolKind

Gets the name of the kind of tool this is.

toolName toolName toolName

Gets the name of the specified tool.

ToolPath ToolPath ToolPath

Gets the path to the specified tool.

VCProjectEngine VCProjectEngine VCProjectEngine

Gets a pointer to the project engine.

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