VSConstants.AppCommandCmdID VSConstants.AppCommandCmdID VSConstants.AppCommandCmdID VSConstants.AppCommandCmdID VSConstants.AppCommandCmdID Enum


Identifies commands fired as the result of a WM_APPCOMMAND message received by the main window.

public: enum class VSConstants::AppCommandCmdID
enum VSConstants::AppCommandCmdID
public enum VSConstants.AppCommandCmdID
type VSConstants.AppCommandCmdID = 
Public Enum VSConstants.AppCommandCmdID


BassBoost BassBoost BassBoost BassBoost BassBoost 20

The bass boost command.

BassDown BassDown BassDown BassDown BassDown 19

The bass down command.

BassUp BassUp BassUp BassUp BassUp 21

The bass up command.

BrowserBackward BrowserBackward BrowserBackward BrowserBackward BrowserBackward 1

The browser backward command.

BrowserFavorites BrowserFavorites BrowserFavorites BrowserFavorites BrowserFavorites 6

The browser favorites command.

BrowserForward BrowserForward BrowserForward BrowserForward BrowserForward 2

The browser forward command.

BrowserHome BrowserHome BrowserHome BrowserHome BrowserHome 7

The browser home command.

BrowserRefresh BrowserRefresh BrowserRefresh BrowserRefresh BrowserRefresh 3

The browser refresh command.

BrowserSearch BrowserSearch BrowserSearch BrowserSearch BrowserSearch 5

The browser search command.

BrowserStop BrowserStop BrowserStop BrowserStop BrowserStop 4

The browser stop command.

LaunchApp1 LaunchApp1 LaunchApp1 LaunchApp1 LaunchApp1 17

The launch application command.

LaunchApp2 LaunchApp2 LaunchApp2 LaunchApp2 LaunchApp2 18

The alternate launch application command.

LaunchMail LaunchMail LaunchMail LaunchMail LaunchMail 15

The launch mail command.

LaunchMediaSelect LaunchMediaSelect LaunchMediaSelect LaunchMediaSelect LaunchMediaSelect 16

The launch media select command.

MediaNextTrack MediaNextTrack MediaNextTrack MediaNextTrack MediaNextTrack 11

The next track command.

MediaPlayPause MediaPlayPause MediaPlayPause MediaPlayPause MediaPlayPause 14

The play/pause command.

MediaPreviousTrack MediaPreviousTrack MediaPreviousTrack MediaPreviousTrack MediaPreviousTrack 12

The previous track command.

MediaStop MediaStop MediaStop MediaStop MediaStop 13

The media stop command.

MicrophoneVolumeDown MicrophoneVolumeDown MicrophoneVolumeDown MicrophoneVolumeDown MicrophoneVolumeDown 25

The microphone volume down command.

MicrophoneVolumeMute MicrophoneVolumeMute MicrophoneVolumeMute MicrophoneVolumeMute MicrophoneVolumeMute 24

The microphone volume mute command.

MicrophoneVolumeUp MicrophoneVolumeUp MicrophoneVolumeUp MicrophoneVolumeUp MicrophoneVolumeUp 26

The microphone volume up command.

TrebleDown TrebleDown TrebleDown TrebleDown TrebleDown 22

The treble down command.

TrebleUp TrebleUp TrebleUp TrebleUp TrebleUp 23

The treble up command.

VolumeDown VolumeDown VolumeDown VolumeDown VolumeDown 9

The volume down command.

VolumeMute VolumeMute VolumeMute VolumeMute VolumeMute 8

The volume mute command.

VolumeUp VolumeUp VolumeUp VolumeUp VolumeUp 10

The volume up command.

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