VSConstants.VSStd97CmdID VSConstants.VSStd97CmdID VSConstants.VSStd97CmdID VSConstants.VSStd97CmdID VSConstants.VSStd97CmdID Enum


These constants make some basic menu commands available to managed code.

public: enum class VSConstants::VSStd97CmdID
enum VSConstants::VSStd97CmdID
public enum VSConstants.VSStd97CmdID
type VSConstants.VSStd97CmdID = 
Public Enum VSConstants.VSStd97CmdID


About About About About About 271

Open the About dialog box.

AddClass AddClass AddClass AddClass AddClass 946

Add a class.

AddConnectionPoint AddConnectionPoint AddConnectionPoint AddConnectionPoint AddConnectionPoint 956

Add a connection point.

AddEvent AddEvent AddEvent AddEvent AddEvent 951

Add an event.

AddExistingItem AddExistingItem AddExistingItem AddExistingItem AddExistingItem 244

Command id:"Add Existing Item" on Project menu.

AddExistingProject AddExistingProject AddExistingProject AddExistingProject AddExistingProject 773

Add an existing project.

AddExistingProjFromWeb AddExistingProjFromWeb AddExistingProjFromWeb AddExistingProjFromWeb AddExistingProjFromWeb 774

Add an existing web project.

AddFunction AddFunction AddFunction AddFunction AddFunction 955

Add a function.

AddIndexer AddIndexer AddIndexer AddIndexer AddIndexer 957

Add an indexer.

AddinManager AddinManager AddinManager AddinManager AddinManager 297

Addin Manager

AddInterface AddInterface AddInterface AddInterface AddInterface 948

Add Interface

AddMethod AddMethod AddMethod AddMethod AddMethod 949

Add Method

AddNestedClass AddNestedClass AddNestedClass AddNestedClass AddNestedClass 947

Add Nested Class

AddNewItem AddNewItem AddNewItem AddNewItem AddNewItem 220

Command id:"Add New Item" on Project menu.

AddNewProject AddNewProject AddNewProject AddNewProject AddNewProject 772

Add New Project

AddProperty AddProperty AddProperty AddProperty AddProperty 950

Add Property

AddToOutput AddToOutput AddToOutput AddToOutput AddToOutput 171

Add selected fields to query output.

AddVariable AddVariable AddVariable AddVariable AddVariable 952

Add Variable

AddWatch AddWatch AddWatch AddWatch AddWatch 252

Command id:"Add Watch" on Debug menu.

Alias Alias Alias Alias Alias 428


AlignBottom AlignBottom AlignBottom AlignBottom AlignBottom 1

Align Bottom

AlignHorizontalCenters AlignHorizontalCenters AlignHorizontalCenters AlignHorizontalCenters AlignHorizontalCenters 2

Align Horizontal Centers

AlignLeft AlignLeft AlignLeft AlignLeft AlignLeft 3

Align Left

AlignRight AlignRight AlignRight AlignRight AlignRight 4

Align Right

AlignToGrid AlignToGrid AlignToGrid AlignToGrid AlignToGrid 5

Align to Grid

AlignTop AlignTop AlignTop AlignTop AlignTop 6

Align Top

AlignVerticalCenters AlignVerticalCenters AlignVerticalCenters AlignVerticalCenters AlignVerticalCenters 7

Align Vertical Centers

AppendQuery AppendQuery AppendQuery AppendQuery AppendQuery 114

Append Query

ArrangeBottom ArrangeBottom ArrangeBottom ArrangeBottom ArrangeBottom 8

Arrange Bottom

ArrangeRight ArrangeRight ArrangeRight ArrangeRight ArrangeRight 9

Arrange Right

AutoHideAllWindows AutoHideAllWindows AutoHideAllWindows AutoHideAllWindows AutoHideAllWindows 597

Autohide All Windows

AutoHideContext1 AutoHideContext1 AutoHideContext1 AutoHideContext1 AutoHideContext1 776

Autohide Context 1

AutoHideContext10 AutoHideContext10 AutoHideContext10 AutoHideContext10 AutoHideContext10 785

Autohide Context 10

AutoHideContext11 AutoHideContext11 AutoHideContext11 AutoHideContext11 AutoHideContext11 786

Autohide Context 11

AutoHideContext12 AutoHideContext12 AutoHideContext12 AutoHideContext12 AutoHideContext12 787

Autohide Context 12

AutoHideContext13 AutoHideContext13 AutoHideContext13 AutoHideContext13 AutoHideContext13 788

Autohide Context 13

AutoHideContext14 AutoHideContext14 AutoHideContext14 AutoHideContext14 AutoHideContext14 789

Autohide Context 14

AutoHideContext15 AutoHideContext15 AutoHideContext15 AutoHideContext15 AutoHideContext15 790

Autohide Context 15

AutoHideContext16 AutoHideContext16 AutoHideContext16 AutoHideContext16 AutoHideContext16 791

Autohide Context 16

AutoHideContext17 AutoHideContext17 AutoHideContext17 AutoHideContext17 AutoHideContext17 792

Autohide Context 17

AutoHideContext18 AutoHideContext18 AutoHideContext18 AutoHideContext18 AutoHideContext18 793

Autohide Context 18

AutoHideContext19 AutoHideContext19 AutoHideContext19 AutoHideContext19 AutoHideContext19 794

Autohide Context 19

AutoHideContext2 AutoHideContext2 AutoHideContext2 AutoHideContext2 AutoHideContext2 777

Autohide Context 2

AutoHideContext20 AutoHideContext20 AutoHideContext20 AutoHideContext20 AutoHideContext20 795

Autohide Context 20

AutoHideContext21 AutoHideContext21 AutoHideContext21 AutoHideContext21 AutoHideContext21 796

Autohide Context 21

AutoHideContext22 AutoHideContext22 AutoHideContext22 AutoHideContext22 AutoHideContext22 797

Autohide Context 22

AutoHideContext23 AutoHideContext23 AutoHideContext23 AutoHideContext23 AutoHideContext23 798

Autohide Context 23

AutoHideContext24 AutoHideContext24 AutoHideContext24 AutoHideContext24 AutoHideContext24 799

Autohide Context 24

AutoHideContext25 AutoHideContext25 AutoHideContext25 AutoHideContext25 AutoHideContext25 800

Autohide Context 25

AutoHideContext26 AutoHideContext26 AutoHideContext26 AutoHideContext26 AutoHideContext26 801

Autohide Context 26

AutoHideContext27 AutoHideContext27 AutoHideContext27 AutoHideContext27 AutoHideContext27 802

Autohide Context 27

AutoHideContext28 AutoHideContext28 AutoHideContext28 AutoHideContext28 AutoHideContext28 803

Autohide Context 28

AutoHideContext29 AutoHideContext29 AutoHideContext29 AutoHideContext29 AutoHideContext29 804

Autohide Context 29

AutoHideContext3 AutoHideContext3 AutoHideContext3 AutoHideContext3 AutoHideContext3 778

Autohide Context 3

AutoHideContext30 AutoHideContext30 AutoHideContext30 AutoHideContext30 AutoHideContext30 805

Autohide Context 30

AutoHideContext31 AutoHideContext31 AutoHideContext31 AutoHideContext31 AutoHideContext31 806

Autohide Context 31

AutoHideContext32 AutoHideContext32 AutoHideContext32 AutoHideContext32 AutoHideContext32 807

Autohide Context 32

AutoHideContext33 AutoHideContext33 AutoHideContext33 AutoHideContext33 AutoHideContext33 808

Autohide Context 33

AutoHideContext4 AutoHideContext4 AutoHideContext4 AutoHideContext4 AutoHideContext4 779

Autohide Context 4

AutoHideContext5 AutoHideContext5 AutoHideContext5 AutoHideContext5 AutoHideContext5 780

Autohide Context 5

AutoHideContext6 AutoHideContext6 AutoHideContext6 AutoHideContext6 AutoHideContext6 781

Autohide Context 6

AutoHideContext7 AutoHideContext7 AutoHideContext7 AutoHideContext7 AutoHideContext7 782

Autohide Context 7

AutoHideContext8 AutoHideContext8 AutoHideContext8 AutoHideContext8 AutoHideContext8 783

Autohide Context 8

AutoHideContext9 AutoHideContext9 AutoHideContext9 AutoHideContext9 AutoHideContext9 784

Autohide Context 9

AutoHideWindow AutoHideWindow AutoHideWindow AutoHideWindow AutoHideWindow 292

Command id:"Autohide Window" for window selection via keyboard.

AutojoinAlways AutojoinAlways AutojoinAlways AutojoinAlways AutojoinAlways 176

Autojoin Always

AutojoinCurrent AutojoinCurrent AutojoinCurrent AutojoinCurrent AutojoinCurrent 175

Autojoin current tables.

AutosWindow AutosWindow AutosWindow AutosWindow AutosWindow 747

Command id:"Autos Window" on View menu.

BackColor BackColor BackColor BackColor BackColor 51

Back Color

BatchBuildDlg BatchBuildDlg BatchBuildDlg BatchBuildDlg BatchBuildDlg 891

Batch Build Dialog

BeginLine BeginLine BeginLine BeginLine BeginLine 736

Begin Line

BeginWord BeginWord BeginWord BeginWord BeginWord 738

Begin Word

Bold Bold Bold Bold Bold 52


BookmarkWindow BookmarkWindow BookmarkWindow BookmarkWindow BookmarkWindow 1122

Bookmark Window

BookmarkWindowGoToBookmark BookmarkWindowGoToBookmark BookmarkWindowGoToBookmark BookmarkWindowGoToBookmark BookmarkWindowGoToBookmark 562

Bookmark Window: Go to Bookmark

BorderColor BorderColor BorderColor BorderColor BorderColor 53

Border Color

BorderDashDot BorderDashDot BorderDashDot BorderDashDot BorderDashDot 54

Border: dash dot

BorderDashDotDot BorderDashDotDot BorderDashDotDot BorderDashDotDot BorderDashDotDot 55

Border: dash dot dot

BorderDashes BorderDashes BorderDashes BorderDashes BorderDashes 56

Border: dashes

BorderDots BorderDots BorderDots BorderDots BorderDots 57

Border: dots

BorderShortDashes BorderShortDashes BorderShortDashes BorderShortDashes BorderShortDashes 58

Border: short dashes

BorderSolid BorderSolid BorderSolid BorderSolid BorderSolid 59

Border: solid

BorderSparseDots BorderSparseDots BorderSparseDots BorderSparseDots BorderSparseDots 60

Border: sparse dots

BorderWidth1 BorderWidth1 BorderWidth1 BorderWidth1 BorderWidth1 61

Border width 1

BorderWidth2 BorderWidth2 BorderWidth2 BorderWidth2 BorderWidth2 62

Border width 2

BorderWidth3 BorderWidth3 BorderWidth3 BorderWidth3 BorderWidth3 63

Border width 3

BorderWidth4 BorderWidth4 BorderWidth4 BorderWidth4 BorderWidth4 64

Border width 4

BorderWidth5 BorderWidth5 BorderWidth5 BorderWidth5 BorderWidth5 65

Border width 5

BorderWidth6 BorderWidth6 BorderWidth6 BorderWidth6 BorderWidth6 66

Border width 6

BorderWidthHairline BorderWidthHairline BorderWidthHairline BorderWidthHairline BorderWidthHairline 67

Border width Hairline

BringForward BringForward BringForward BringForward BringForward 10

Bring forward

BringToFront BringToFront BringToFront BringToFront BringToFront 11

Bring to front

BrowseDefn BrowseDefn BrowseDefn BrowseDefn BrowseDefn 937

Object browser / Class View command: Browse Definition

BrowseDoc BrowseDoc BrowseDoc BrowseDoc BrowseDoc 898

Browse document

BrowseNext BrowseNext BrowseNext BrowseNext BrowseNext 1116

Browse next

BrowsePrev BrowsePrev BrowsePrev BrowsePrev BrowsePrev 1117

Browse previous

Browser1 Browser1 Browser1 Browser1 Browser1 1045

Browser 1

Browser10 Browser10 Browser10 Browser10 Browser10 1054

Browser 10

Browser11 Browser11 Browser11 Browser11 Browser11 1055

Browser 11

Browser2 Browser2 Browser2 Browser2 Browser2 1046

Browser 2

Browser3 Browser3 Browser3 Browser3 Browser3 1047

Browser 3

Browser4 Browser4 Browser4 Browser4 Browser4 1048

Browser 4

Browser5 Browser5 Browser5 Browser5 Browser5 1049

Browser 5

Browser6 Browser6 Browser6 Browser6 Browser6 1050

Browser 6

Browser7 Browser7 Browser7 Browser7 Browser7 1051

Browser 7

Browser8 Browser8 Browser8 Browser8 Browser8 1052

Browser 8

Browser9 Browser9 Browser9 Browser9 Browser9 1053

Browser 9

BrowseUnload BrowseUnload BrowseUnload BrowseUnload BrowseUnload 1118

Browse unload

BrowseWith BrowseWith BrowseWith BrowseWith BrowseWith 336

Browse with

Build1 Build1 Build1 Build1 Build1 979

Build cascade menus: Build 1

Build2 Build2 Build2 Build2 Build2 980

Build cascade menus: Build 2

Build3 Build3 Build3 Build3 Build3 981

Build cascade menus: Build 3

Build4 Build4 Build4 Build4 Build4 982

Build cascade menus: Build 4

Build5 Build5 Build5 Build5 Build5 983

Build cascade menus: Build 5

Build6 Build6 Build6 Build6 Build6 984

Build cascade menus: Build 6

Build7 Build7 Build7 Build7 Build7 985

Build cascade menus: Build 7

Build8 Build8 Build8 Build8 Build8 986

Build cascade menus: Build 8

Build9 Build9 Build9 Build9 Build9 987

Build cascade menus: Build 9

BuildCtx BuildCtx BuildCtx BuildCtx BuildCtx 892

Build control

BuildLast BuildLast BuildLast BuildLast BuildLast 988

Build last

BuildOrder BuildOrder BuildOrder BuildOrder BuildOrder 958

Build order

BuildProjPicker BuildProjPicker BuildProjPicker BuildProjPicker BuildProjPicker 1019

Build project pickre

BuildSel BuildSel BuildSel BuildSel BuildSel 886

Build selection

BuildSln BuildSln BuildSln BuildSln BuildSln 882

Build solution

CallStack CallStack CallStack CallStack CallStack 243

Command id:"Call Stack" on View menu.

Cancel Cancel Cancel Cancel Cancel 154


CancelBuild CancelBuild CancelBuild CancelBuild CancelBuild 890

Cancel build

CancelEZDrag CancelEZDrag CancelEZDrag CancelEZDrag CancelEZDrag 326

Cancel drag

Cascade Cascade Cascade Cascade Cascade 267

Command id:"Cascade" on Window menu.

CenterDiagram CenterDiagram CenterDiagram CenterDiagram CenterDiagram 161

Center diagram

CenterHorizontally CenterHorizontally CenterHorizontally CenterHorizontally CenterHorizontally 12

Center horizontally

CenterVertically CenterVertically CenterVertically CenterVertically CenterVertically 13

Center vertically

CharInSet CharInSet CharInSet CharInSet CharInSet 740

Character in set

CharNotInSet CharNotInSet CharNotInSet CharNotInSet CharNotInSet 741

Character not in set

CheckForUpdates CheckForUpdates CheckForUpdates CheckForUpdates CheckForUpdates 1044

Check for updates

CheckMnemonics CheckMnemonics CheckMnemonics CheckMnemonics CheckMnemonics 1040

Check mnemonics

Chiseled Chiseled Chiseled Chiseled Chiseled 78


ClassView ClassView ClassView ClassView ClassView 599

Class view

Clean1 Clean1 Clean1 Clean1 Clean1 999

Build command: Clean 1

Clean2 Clean2 Clean2 Clean2 Clean2 1000

Build command: Clean 2

Clean3 Clean3 Clean3 Clean3 Clean3 1001

Build command: Clean 3

Clean4 Clean4 Clean4 Clean4 Clean4 1002

Build command: Clean 4

Clean5 Clean5 Clean5 Clean5 Clean5 1003

Build command: Clean 5

Clean6 Clean6 Clean6 Clean6 Clean6 1004

Build command: Clean 6

Clean7 Clean7 Clean7 Clean7 Clean7 1005

Build command: Clean 7

Clean8 Clean8 Clean8 Clean8 Clean8 1006

Build command: Clean 8

Clean9 Clean9 Clean9 Clean9 Clean9 1007

Build command: Clean 9

CleanCtx CleanCtx CleanCtx CleanCtx CleanCtx 895

Build command: Clean context

CleanLast CleanLast CleanLast CleanLast CleanLast 1008

Build command: Clean Last

CleanProjPicker CleanProjPicker CleanProjPicker CleanProjPicker CleanProjPicker 1021

Build command: Clean Project Picker

CleanSel CleanSel CleanSel CleanSel CleanSel 889

Build command: Clean Selection

CleanSln CleanSln CleanSln CleanSln CleanSln 885

Build command id: Clean Solution

ClearBreakpoints ClearBreakpoints ClearBreakpoints ClearBreakpoints ClearBreakpoints 256

Command id for: "Clear Breakpoints" on Debug menu.

ClearPane ClearPane ClearPane ClearPane ClearPane 318

Clear pane

ClearQuery ClearQuery ClearQuery ClearQuery ClearQuery 202

Clear a query's associated cursor.

CloseAllDocuments CloseAllDocuments CloseAllDocuments CloseAllDocuments CloseAllDocuments 627

Close all documents

CloseDocument CloseDocument CloseDocument CloseDocument CloseDocument 658

Close documents

CloseSolution CloseSolution CloseSolution CloseSolution CloseSolution 219

Command id for: "Close Solution".

CmdWinUpdateAC CmdWinUpdateAC CmdWinUpdateAC CmdWinUpdateAC CmdWinUpdateAC 770


Code Code Code Code Code 14


CodeExpansionWindow CodeExpansionWindow CodeExpansionWindow CodeExpansionWindow CodeExpansionWindow 1123

Code Expansion Window

Collapse Collapse Collapse Collapse Collapse 188

Collapse links.

CollapsedView CollapsedView CollapsedView CollapsedView CollapsedView 105

Collapsed view

CollapseWatch CollapseWatch CollapseWatch CollapseWatch CollapseWatch 275

Command id:"Collapse Watch" on Watch context menu.

CommandWindow CommandWindow CommandWindow CommandWindow CommandWindow 729

Command window

CommandWindowMarkMode CommandWindowMarkMode CommandWindowMarkMode CommandWindowMarkMode CommandWindowMarkMode 730

Command window: mark mode

CompDebug1 CompDebug1 CompDebug1 CompDebug1 CompDebug1 81

Compile debug 1

CompDebug10 CompDebug10 CompDebug10 CompDebug10 CompDebug10 90

Compile debug 10

CompDebug11 CompDebug11 CompDebug11 CompDebug11 CompDebug11 91

Compile debug 11

CompDebug12 CompDebug12 CompDebug12 CompDebug12 CompDebug12 92

Compile debug 12

CompDebug13 CompDebug13 CompDebug13 CompDebug13 CompDebug13 93

Compile debug 13

CompDebug14 CompDebug14 CompDebug14 CompDebug14 CompDebug14 94

Compile debug 14

CompDebug15 CompDebug15 CompDebug15 CompDebug15 CompDebug15 95

Compile debug 15

CompDebug2 CompDebug2 CompDebug2 CompDebug2 CompDebug2 82

Compile debug 2

CompDebug3 CompDebug3 CompDebug3 CompDebug3 CompDebug3 83

Compile debug 3

CompDebug4 CompDebug4 CompDebug4 CompDebug4 CompDebug4 84

Compile debug 4

CompDebug5 CompDebug5 CompDebug5 CompDebug5 CompDebug5 85

Compile debug 5

CompDebug6 CompDebug6 CompDebug6 CompDebug6 CompDebug6 86

Compile debug 6

CompDebug7 CompDebug7 CompDebug7 CompDebug7 CompDebug7 87

Compile debug 7

CompDebug8 CompDebug8 CompDebug8 CompDebug8 CompDebug8 88

Compile debug 8

CompDebug9 CompDebug9 CompDebug9 CompDebug9 CompDebug9 89

Compile debug 9

ContextWindow ContextWindow ContextWindow ContextWindow ContextWindow 427

Context window

ConvertObject ConvertObject ConvertObject ConvertObject ConvertObject 147

Convert object

Copy Copy Copy Copy Copy 15

Command id : "Copy".

CPPIdentifier CPPIdentifier CPPIdentifier CPPIdentifier CPPIdentifier 1027

C++ identifier

CrosstabQuery CrosstabQuery CrosstabQuery CrosstabQuery CrosstabQuery 115

Crosstab query

CustomControl CustomControl CustomControl CustomControl CustomControl 148

Custom control

CustomizeItem CustomizeItem CustomizeItem CustomizeItem CustomizeItem 149

Customize item

CustomizeKeyboard CustomizeKeyboard CustomizeKeyboard CustomizeKeyboard CustomizeKeyboard 263

Command id: "Customize Keyboard" on Tools menu.

CustomizeToolbars CustomizeToolbars CustomizeToolbars CustomizeToolbars CustomizeToolbars 1036

Customize toolbars

Cut Cut Cut Cut Cut 16

Command id: "Cut".

CVGroupingGrouped CVGroupingGrouped CVGroupingGrouped CVGroupingGrouped CVGroupingGrouped 973

Class View command: Grouped

CVGroupingNone CVGroupingNone CVGroupingNone CVGroupingNone CVGroupingNone 971

Class View command: No Grouping

CVGroupingSortAccess CVGroupingSortAccess CVGroupingSortAccess CVGroupingSortAccess CVGroupingSortAccess 976

Class View command: Group by Access

CVGroupingSortOnly CVGroupingSortOnly CVGroupingSortOnly CVGroupingSortOnly CVGroupingSortOnly 972

Class View command: Sort Only Grouping

CVNewFolder CVNewFolder CVNewFolder CVNewFolder CVNewFolder 975

Class View command: New Folder

CVShowPackages CVShowPackages CVShowPackages CVShowPackages CVShowPackages 974

Class View command: Show Packages

DebugExplorer DebugExplorer DebugExplorer DebugExplorer DebugExplorer 212

Debug explorer

DebugOptions DebugOptions DebugOptions DebugOptions DebugOptions 272

Debug options

DebugProcesses DebugProcesses DebugProcesses DebugProcesses DebugProcesses 213

Debug processes

DebugReserved1 DebugReserved1 DebugReserved1 DebugReserved1 DebugReserved1 747


DebugReserved2 DebugReserved2 DebugReserved2 DebugReserved2 DebugReserved2 748


DebugReserved3 DebugReserved3 DebugReserved3 DebugReserved3 DebugReserved3 749


DefineSubset DefineSubset DefineSubset DefineSubset DefineSubset 1095

Define subset

DefineViews DefineViews DefineViews DefineViews DefineViews 340

Define views

Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete 17

Command id: "Delete".

DeleteBookmark DeleteBookmark DeleteBookmark DeleteBookmark DeleteBookmark 561

Delete bookmark

DeleteQuery DeleteQuery DeleteQuery DeleteQuery DeleteQuery 116

Delete Query

DeleteRelationship DeleteRelationship DeleteRelationship DeleteRelationship DeleteRelationship 167

Delete Relationship

DeleteTable DeleteTable DeleteTable DeleteTable DeleteTable 166

Delete Table

DeleteWatch DeleteWatch DeleteWatch DeleteWatch DeleteWatch 274

Command id: "Delete Watch" on Watch context menu.

Deploy1 Deploy1 Deploy1 Deploy1 Deploy1 1009

Build command: Deploy 1

Deploy2 Deploy2 Deploy2 Deploy2 Deploy2 1010

Build command: Deploy 2

Deploy3 Deploy3 Deploy3 Deploy3 Deploy3 1011

Build command: Deploy 3

Deploy4 Deploy4 Deploy4 Deploy4 Deploy4 1012

Build command: Deploy 4

Deploy5 Deploy5 Deploy5 Deploy5 Deploy5 1013

Build command: Deploy 5

Deploy6 Deploy6 Deploy6 Deploy6 Deploy6 1014

Build command: Deploy 6

Deploy7 Deploy7 Deploy7 Deploy7 Deploy7 1015

Build command: Deploy 7

Deploy8 Deploy8 Deploy8 Deploy8 Deploy8 1016

Build command: Deploy 8

Deploy9 Deploy9 Deploy9 Deploy9 Deploy9 1017

Build command: Deploy 9

DeployCtx DeployCtx DeployCtx DeployCtx DeployCtx 894

Build command: Deploy Control

DeployLast DeployLast DeployLast DeployLast DeployLast 1018

Build command: Deploy Last

DeployProjPicker DeployProjPicker DeployProjPicker DeployProjPicker DeployProjPicker 1022

Build command: Deploy Project Picker

DeploySel DeploySel DeploySel DeploySel DeploySel 888

Build command: Deploy Selection

DeploySln DeploySln DeploySln DeploySln DeploySln 884

Build command: Deploy Solution

DetachAttachOutline DetachAttachOutline DetachAttachOutline DetachAttachOutline DetachAttachOutline 420

Document Outline command.

DetachDebugger DetachDebugger DetachDebugger DetachDebugger DetachDebugger 262

Command id: "Detach Debugger" on Debug menu.

DisplayRadix DisplayRadix DisplayRadix DisplayRadix DisplayRadix 314

Display Radix

DockingView DockingView DockingView DockingView DockingView 284

Command id: "Docking View" on Docking context menu.

DockingViewFloater DockingViewFloater DockingViewFloater DockingViewFloater DockingViewFloater 291

Command id: "Dock Floating Window" for window selection via keyboard.

DockingViewMDI DockingViewMDI DockingViewMDI DockingViewMDI DockingViewMDI 290

Command id: "MDI Docking View" for window selection via keyboard.

DocOutlineWindow DocOutlineWindow DocOutlineWindow DocOutlineWindow DocOutlineWindow 239

Command id:"Document Outline Window" on View menu.

EditBreakpoint EditBreakpoint EditBreakpoint EditBreakpoint EditBreakpoint 260

Command id:"Edit Breakpoint" on Debug menu.

EditLabel EditLabel EditLabel EditLabel EditLabel 338

Edit Label

EditMenuIDs EditMenuIDs EditMenuIDs EditMenuIDs EditMenuIDs 1025

Edit Menu IDs

EditMenuNames EditMenuNames EditMenuNames EditMenuNames EditMenuNames 211

Edit menu names with menu designer.

EditorWidgetClick EditorWidgetClick EditorWidgetClick EditorWidgetClick EditorWidgetClick 769

Editor Widget Click

EditPage EditPage EditPage EditPage EditPage 177

Launch editor for URL.

EditWatch EditWatch EditWatch EditWatch EditWatch 253

Command id:"Edit Watch" on Debug menu.

ElasticColumn ElasticColumn ElasticColumn ElasticColumn ElasticColumn 345

Elastic Column

EnableBookmark EnableBookmark EnableBookmark EnableBookmark EnableBookmark 564

Enable Bookmark

EnableBreakpoint EnableBreakpoint EnableBreakpoint EnableBreakpoint EnableBreakpoint 376

Enable Breakpoint

EndLine EndLine EndLine EndLine EndLine 737

End Line

EndWord EndWord EndWord EndWord EndWord 739

End Word

Escape Escape Escape Escape Escape 743


Etched Etched Etched Etched Etched 79


EvaluateExpression EvaluateExpression EvaluateExpression EvaluateExpression EvaluateExpression 430

Evaluate Expression

EvaluateStatement EvaluateStatement EvaluateStatement EvaluateStatement EvaluateStatement 432

Evaluate Statement

Exceptions Exceptions Exceptions Exceptions Exceptions 339


ExistingSchemaEdit ExistingSchemaEdit ExistingSchemaEdit ExistingSchemaEdit ExistingSchemaEdit 96

Edit Existing Schema

Exit Exit Exit Exit Exit 229

Command id:"Exit" on File menu.

Expand Expand Expand Expand Expand 187

Expand links.

ExpandAll ExpandAll ExpandAll ExpandAll ExpandAll 1120

Expand All

ExpandImages ExpandImages ExpandImages ExpandImages ExpandImages 157

Expand Images


Expand Links

ExpandPages ExpandPages ExpandPages ExpandPages ExpandPages 158

Expand Pages

ExternalCommands ExternalCommands ExternalCommands ExternalCommands ExternalCommands 654

External Commands

ExtToolsBinDir ExtToolsBinDir ExtToolsBinDir ExtToolsBinDir ExtToolsBinDir 1121

External Tools context menu command: Bin Directory

ExtToolsCurCol ExtToolsCurCol ExtToolsCurCol ExtToolsCurCol ExtToolsCurCol 1114

External Tools context menu command: Current Column

ExtToolsCurDir ExtToolsCurDir ExtToolsCurDir ExtToolsCurDir ExtToolsCurDir 926

External Tools context menu command: Current Directory

ExtToolsCurExtension ExtToolsCurExtension ExtToolsCurExtension ExtToolsCurExtension ExtToolsCurExtension 928

External Tools context menu command: Current Extension

ExtToolsCurFileName ExtToolsCurFileName ExtToolsCurFileName ExtToolsCurFileName ExtToolsCurFileName 927

External Tools context menu command: Current Filename

ExtToolsCurLine ExtToolsCurLine ExtToolsCurLine ExtToolsCurLine ExtToolsCurLine 1113

External Tools context menu command: Current Line

ExtToolsCurPath ExtToolsCurPath ExtToolsCurPath ExtToolsCurPath ExtToolsCurPath 925

External Tools context menu command: Current Path

ExtToolsCurText ExtToolsCurText ExtToolsCurText ExtToolsCurText ExtToolsCurText 1115

External Tools context menu command: Current Text

ExtToolsProjDir ExtToolsProjDir ExtToolsProjDir ExtToolsProjDir ExtToolsProjDir 929

External Tools context menu command: Current Project Directory

ExtToolsProjFileName ExtToolsProjFileName ExtToolsProjFileName ExtToolsProjFileName ExtToolsProjFileName 930

External Tools context menu command: Current Project Filename

ExtToolsSlnDir ExtToolsSlnDir ExtToolsSlnDir ExtToolsSlnDir ExtToolsSlnDir 931

External Tools context menu command: Solution Directory

ExtToolsSlnFileName ExtToolsSlnFileName ExtToolsSlnFileName ExtToolsSlnFileName ExtToolsSlnFileName 932

External Tools context menu command: Solution Filename

ExtToolsTargetDir ExtToolsTargetDir ExtToolsTargetDir ExtToolsTargetDir ExtToolsTargetDir 1110

External Tools context menu command: Target Directory

ExtToolsTargetExtension ExtToolsTargetExtension ExtToolsTargetExtension ExtToolsTargetExtension ExtToolsTargetExtension 1112

External Tools context menu command: Target Extension

ExtToolsTargetFileName ExtToolsTargetFileName ExtToolsTargetFileName ExtToolsTargetFileName ExtToolsTargetFileName 1111

External Tools context menu command: Target Filename

ExtToolsTargetPath ExtToolsTargetPath ExtToolsTargetPath ExtToolsTargetPath ExtToolsTargetPath 1109

External Tools context menu command: Target Path

F1Help F1Help F1Help F1Help F1Help 377

F1 Help

FieldView FieldView FieldView FieldView FieldView 106

View Field

FileClose FileClose FileClose FileClose FileClose 223

Command id:"File Close" on File menu.

FileNew FileNew FileNew FileNew FileNew 221

Command id:"File New" on File menu.

FileOpen FileOpen FileOpen FileOpen FileOpen 222

Command id:"File Open" on File menu.

FileOpenFromWeb FileOpenFromWeb FileOpenFromWeb FileOpenFromWeb FileOpenFromWeb 451

Command id:"File Open From Web" on File menu.

FilterDiagram FilterDiagram FilterDiagram FilterDiagram FilterDiagram 182

Filter webscope diagram.

Find Find Find Find Find 97

Command id:"Find".

FindBackwards FindBackwards FindBackwards FindBackwards FindBackwards 353

Command id:"Find Backwards" in Find/Replace options.

FindCmd FindCmd FindCmd FindCmd FindCmd 294

Find commond

FindHiddenText FindHiddenText FindHiddenText FindHiddenText FindHiddenText 349

Command id:"Find Hidden Text" in Find/Replace options.

FindInFiles FindInFiles FindInFiles FindInFiles FindInFiles 277

Command id:"Find in Files" in Find/Replace options.

FindInSelection FindInSelection FindInSelection FindInSelection FindInSelection 354

Command id:"Find in Selection" in Find/Replace options.

FindMatchCase FindMatchCase FindMatchCase FindMatchCase FindMatchCase 350

Command id:"Find Matching Case" in Find/Replace options.

FindNext FindNext FindNext FindNext FindNext 370

Find Next

FindPrev FindPrev FindPrev FindPrev FindPrev 371

Find Previous

FindReferences FindReferences FindReferences FindReferences FindReferences 1915

Find references

FindRegularExpression FindRegularExpression FindRegularExpression FindRegularExpression FindRegularExpression 352

Command id:"Find Regular Expression" in Find/Replace options.

FindResultWindow1 FindResultWindow1 FindResultWindow1 FindResultWindow1 FindResultWindow1 433

Find Result Window 1

FindResultWindow2 FindResultWindow2 FindResultWindow2 FindResultWindow2 FindResultWindow2 434

Find Result Window 2

FindSelectedNext FindSelectedNext FindSelectedNext FindSelectedNext FindSelectedNext 372

Find Next Selected

FindSelectedPrev FindSelectedPrev FindSelectedPrev FindSelectedPrev FindSelectedPrev 373

Find Previous Selected

FindSimplePattern FindSimplePattern FindSimplePattern FindSimplePattern FindSimplePattern 276

Command id:"Find Simple Pattern" in Find/Replace options.

FindStop FindStop FindStop FindStop FindStop 355

Command id:"Stop Find" in Find/Replace options.

FindWhatText FindWhatText FindWhatText FindWhatText FindWhatText 759

Find What Text

FindWholeWord FindWholeWord FindWholeWord FindWholeWord FindWholeWord 351

Command id:"Find Whole Word" in Find/Replace options.

Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat 68


Font Font Font Font Font 155


FontName FontName FontName FontName FontName 18

Font Name

FontNameGetList FontNameGetList FontNameGetList FontNameGetList FontNameGetList 500

Get Font Name List

FontSize FontSize FontSize FontSize FontSize 19

Font Size

FontSizeGetList FontSizeGetList FontSizeGetList FontSizeGetList FontSizeGetList 501

Get Font Size List

ForeColor ForeColor ForeColor ForeColor ForeColor 69

Foreground Coler

FormsFirst FormsFirst FormsFirst FormsFirst FormsFirst 24576

First Forms

FormsLast FormsLast FormsLast FormsLast FormsLast 28671

Last Forms

ForwardBrowseContext ForwardBrowseContext ForwardBrowseContext ForwardBrowseContext ForwardBrowseContext 1126

Forward browse context

FullOuterJoin FullOuterJoin FullOuterJoin FullOuterJoin FullOuterJoin 129

Full Outer Join

FullScreen FullScreen FullScreen FullScreen FullScreen 233

Command id:"Full Screen" on View menu.

GenerateChangeScript GenerateChangeScript GenerateChangeScript GenerateChangeScript GenerateChangeScript 173

Generate a change script.

GetZoom GetZoom GetZoom GetZoom GetZoom 98

Get Zoom

Goto Goto Goto Goto Goto 231

Command id:"Go To" on Edit menu.

GotoCommandLine GotoCommandLine GotoCommandLine GotoCommandLine GotoCommandLine 429

Goto Command Line

GotoDecl GotoDecl GotoDecl GotoDecl GotoDecl 936

Object browser / Class View commandcommand: Go to Declaration

GotoDefn GotoDefn GotoDefn GotoDefn GotoDefn 935

Object browser / Class View command: Go to Definition

GotoErrorTag GotoErrorTag GotoErrorTag GotoErrorTag GotoErrorTag 319

Go to Error Tag

GotoQuick GotoQuick GotoQuick GotoQuick GotoQuick 281

Go to Quick Watch

GotoRef GotoRef GotoRef GotoRef GotoRef 1107

Go to Reference

Group Group Group Group Group 20


HideActivePane HideActivePane HideActivePane HideActivePane HideActivePane 285

Command id:"Hide Active Pane" on Docking context menu.

HideColumn HideColumn HideColumn HideColumn HideColumn 346

Hide Column

HidePane HidePane HidePane HidePane HidePane 165

Hide Pane

HideTable HideTable HideTable HideTable HideTable 108

Hide Table

HorizSpaceConcatenate HorizSpaceConcatenate HorizSpaceConcatenate HorizSpaceConcatenate HorizSpaceConcatenate 21

Concatenate Horizontal Space

HorizSpaceDecrease HorizSpaceDecrease HorizSpaceDecrease HorizSpaceDecrease HorizSpaceDecrease 22

Decrease Horizontal Space

HorizSpaceIncrease HorizSpaceIncrease HorizSpaceIncrease HorizSpaceIncrease HorizSpaceIncrease 23

Increase Horizontal Space

HorizSpaceMakeEqual HorizSpaceMakeEqual HorizSpaceMakeEqual HorizSpaceMakeEqual HorizSpaceMakeEqual 24

Make Horizontal Space Equal

ImmediateMode ImmediateMode ImmediateMode ImmediateMode ImmediateMode 431

Immediate Mode

ImmediateWindow ImmediateWindow ImmediateWindow ImmediateWindow ImmediateWindow 240

Command id:"Immediate Window" on View menu.

ImplementInterface ImplementInterface ImplementInterface ImplementInterface ImplementInterface 953

Implement Interface

Import Import Import Import Import 151


InnerJoin InnerJoin InnerJoin InnerJoin InnerJoin 126

Inner Join

InsertBreakpoint InsertBreakpoint InsertBreakpoint InsertBreakpoint InsertBreakpoint 375

Insert Breakpoint

InsertHTMLWizard InsertHTMLWizard InsertHTMLWizard InsertHTMLWizard InsertHTMLWizard 192

Insert HTML using a Wizard.

InsertNewMenu InsertNewMenu InsertNewMenu InsertNewMenu InsertNewMenu 209

Insert menu using menu designer.

InsertObject InsertObject InsertObject InsertObject InsertObject 25

Insert Object

InsertSeparator InsertSeparator InsertSeparator InsertSeparator InsertSeparator 210

Insert separator using menu designer.

InsertValuesQuery InsertValuesQuery InsertValuesQuery InsertValuesQuery InsertValuesQuery 309

Insert Values Query

Integer Integer Integer Integer Integer 1030


Italic Italic Italic Italic Italic 70


JoinLeftAll JoinLeftAll JoinLeftAll JoinLeftAll JoinLeftAll 169

Left Join All

JoinRightAll JoinRightAll JoinRightAll JoinRightAll JoinRightAll 170

Right Join All

JustifyCenter JustifyCenter JustifyCenter JustifyCenter JustifyCenter 71

Center Justify

JustifyGeneral JustifyGeneral JustifyGeneral JustifyGeneral JustifyGeneral 72

Justify General

JustifyLeft JustifyLeft JustifyLeft JustifyLeft JustifyLeft 73

Left Justify

JustifyRight JustifyRight JustifyRight JustifyRight JustifyRight 74

Justify Right

Layout Layout Layout Layout Layout 190

Layout webscope diagram.

LeftOuterJoin LeftOuterJoin LeftOuterJoin LeftOuterJoin LeftOuterJoin 128

Left Outer Join

LineBreak LineBreak LineBreak LineBreak LineBreak 1026

Break Line

LoadUnloadedProject LoadUnloadedProject LoadUnloadedProject LoadUnloadedProject LoadUnloadedProject 343

Load Unloaded Project

LocalsWindow LocalsWindow LocalsWindow LocalsWindow LocalsWindow 242

Command id:"Locals Window" on View menu.

LockControls LockControls LockControls LockControls LockControls 369

Lock Controls

LogCommandWindow LogCommandWindow LogCommandWindow LogCommandWindow LogCommandWindow 731

Log Command Window

MakeTableQuery MakeTableQuery MakeTableQuery MakeTableQuery MakeTableQuery 117

Make Table Query

ManageConstraints ManageConstraints ManageConstraints ManageConstraints ManageConstraints 677

Schema table command: Manage Constraints

ManageIndexes ManageIndexes ManageIndexes ManageIndexes ManageIndexes 675

Schema table command: Manage Indexes

ManageRelationships ManageRelationships ManageRelationships ManageRelationships ManageRelationships 676

Schema table command: Manage Relationships

MarkerCmd0 MarkerCmd0 MarkerCmd0 MarkerCmd0 MarkerCmd0 400

Marker command on the Code Window menu.

MarkerCmd1 MarkerCmd1 MarkerCmd1 MarkerCmd1 MarkerCmd1 401

Marker command on the Code Window menu.

MarkerCmd2 MarkerCmd2 MarkerCmd2 MarkerCmd2 MarkerCmd2 402

Marker command on the Code Window menu.

MarkerCmd3 MarkerCmd3 MarkerCmd3 MarkerCmd3 MarkerCmd3 403

Marker command on the Code Window menu.

MarkerCmd4 MarkerCmd4 MarkerCmd4 MarkerCmd4 MarkerCmd4 404

Marker command on the Code Window menu.

MarkerCmd5 MarkerCmd5 MarkerCmd5 MarkerCmd5 MarkerCmd5 405

Marker command on the Code Window menu.

MarkerCmd6 MarkerCmd6 MarkerCmd6 MarkerCmd6 MarkerCmd6 406

Marker command on the Code Window menu.

MarkerCmd7 MarkerCmd7 MarkerCmd7 MarkerCmd7 MarkerCmd7 407

Marker command on the Code Window menu.

MarkerCmd8 MarkerCmd8 MarkerCmd8 MarkerCmd8 MarkerCmd8 408

Marker command on the Code Window menu.

MarkerCmd9 MarkerCmd9 MarkerCmd9 MarkerCmd9 MarkerCmd9 409

Marker command on the Code Window menu.

MarkerEnd MarkerEnd MarkerEnd MarkerEnd MarkerEnd 410

Marker command on the Code Window menu.

MarkerLast MarkerLast MarkerLast MarkerLast MarkerLast 409

Marker command on the Code Window menu.

MoreWindows MoreWindows MoreWindows MoreWindows MoreWindows 595

Window menu id.

Move Move Move Move Move 153


MoveFileToProject1 MoveFileToProject1 MoveFileToProject1 MoveFileToProject1 MoveFileToProject1 1070

Move File to Project 1

MoveFileToProject2 MoveFileToProject2 MoveFileToProject2 MoveFileToProject2 MoveFileToProject2 1071

Move File to Project 2

MoveFileToProject3 MoveFileToProject3 MoveFileToProject3 MoveFileToProject3 MoveFileToProject3 1072

Move File to Project 3

MoveFileToProject4 MoveFileToProject4 MoveFileToProject4 MoveFileToProject4 MoveFileToProject4 1073

Move File to Project 4

MoveFileToProject5 MoveFileToProject5 MoveFileToProject5 MoveFileToProject5 MoveFileToProject5 1074

Move File to Project 5

MoveFileToProject6 MoveFileToProject6 MoveFileToProject6 MoveFileToProject6 MoveFileToProject6 1075

Move File to Project 6

MoveFileToProject7 MoveFileToProject7 MoveFileToProject7 MoveFileToProject7 MoveFileToProject7 1076

Move File to Project 7

MoveFileToProject8 MoveFileToProject8 MoveFileToProject8 MoveFileToProject8 MoveFileToProject8 1077

Move File to Project 8

MoveFileToProject9 MoveFileToProject9 MoveFileToProject9 MoveFileToProject9 MoveFileToProject9 1078

Move File to Project 9

MoveFileToProjectLast MoveFileToProjectLast MoveFileToProjectLast MoveFileToProjectLast MoveFileToProjectLast 1079

Move File to Project Last

MoveFileToProjectPick MoveFileToProjectPick MoveFileToProjectPick MoveFileToProjectPick MoveFileToProjectPick 1081

Move File to Project Pick

MoveToDropdownBar MoveToDropdownBar MoveToDropdownBar MoveToDropdownBar MoveToDropdownBar 293

Command id:"Move to Dropdown Bar" for window selection via keyboard.

MoveToNextEZCntr MoveToNextEZCntr MoveToNextEZCntr MoveToNextEZCntr MoveToNextEZCntr 384

Move to Next Container

MoveToPreviousEZCntr MoveToPreviousEZCntr MoveToPreviousEZCntr MoveToPreviousEZCntr MoveToPreviousEZCntr 393

Move to Previous Container

MoveToTop MoveToTop MoveToTop MoveToTop MoveToTop 1037

Move To Top

MRUFile1 MRUFile1 MRUFile1 MRUFile1 MRUFile1 900

Command id:most recently used file 1

MRUFile10 MRUFile10 MRUFile10 MRUFile10 MRUFile10 909

Command id:most recently used file 10

MRUFile11 MRUFile11 MRUFile11 MRUFile11 MRUFile11 910

Command id:most recently used file 11

MRUFile12 MRUFile12 MRUFile12 MRUFile12 MRUFile12 911

Command id:most recently used file 12

MRUFile13 MRUFile13 MRUFile13 MRUFile13 MRUFile13 912

Command id:most recently used file 13

MRUFile14 MRUFile14 MRUFile14 MRUFile14 MRUFile14 913

Command id:most recently used file 14

MRUFile15 MRUFile15 MRUFile15 MRUFile15 MRUFile15 914

Command id:most recently used file 15

MRUFile16 MRUFile16 MRUFile16 MRUFile16 MRUFile16 915

Command id:most recently used file 16

MRUFile17 MRUFile17 MRUFile17 MRUFile17 MRUFile17 916

Command id:most recently used file 17

MRUFile18 MRUFile18 MRUFile18 MRUFile18 MRUFile18 917

Command id:most recently used file 18

MRUFile19 MRUFile19 MRUFile19 MRUFile19 MRUFile19 918

Command id:most recently used file 19

MRUFile2 MRUFile2 MRUFile2 MRUFile2 MRUFile2 901

Command id:most recently used file 2

MRUFile20 MRUFile20 MRUFile20 MRUFile20 MRUFile20 919

Command id:most recently used file 20

MRUFile21 MRUFile21 MRUFile21 MRUFile21 MRUFile21 920

Command id:most recently used file 21

MRUFile22 MRUFile22 MRUFile22 MRUFile22 MRUFile22 921

Command id:most recently used file 22

MRUFile23 MRUFile23 MRUFile23 MRUFile23 MRUFile23 922

Command id:most recently used file 23

MRUFile24 MRUFile24 MRUFile24 MRUFile24 MRUFile24 923

Command id:most recently used file 24

MRUFile25 MRUFile25 MRUFile25 MRUFile25 MRUFile25 924

Command id:most recently used file 25

MRUFile3 MRUFile3 MRUFile3 MRUFile3 MRUFile3 902

Command id:most recently used file 3

MRUFile4 MRUFile4 MRUFile4 MRUFile4 MRUFile4 903

Command id:most recently used file 4

MRUFile5 MRUFile5 MRUFile5 MRUFile5 MRUFile5 904

Command id:most recently used file 5

MRUFile6 MRUFile6 MRUFile6 MRUFile6 MRUFile6 905

Command id:most recently used file 6

MRUFile7 MRUFile7 MRUFile7 MRUFile7 MRUFile7 906

Command id:most recently used file 7

MRUFile8 MRUFile8 MRUFile8 MRUFile8 MRUFile8 907

Command id:most recently used file 8

MRUFile9 MRUFile9 MRUFile9 MRUFile9 MRUFile9 908

Command id:most recently used file 9

MRUProj1 MRUProj1 MRUProj1 MRUProj1 MRUProj1 600

Command id:most recently used project 1

MRUProj10 MRUProj10 MRUProj10 MRUProj10 MRUProj10 609

Command id:most recently used project 10

MRUProj11 MRUProj11 MRUProj11 MRUProj11 MRUProj11 610

Command id:most recently used project 11

MRUProj12 MRUProj12 MRUProj12 MRUProj12 MRUProj12 611

Command id:most recently used project 12

MRUProj13 MRUProj13 MRUProj13 MRUProj13 MRUProj13 612

Command id:most recently used project 13

MRUProj14 MRUProj14 MRUProj14 MRUProj14 MRUProj14 613

Command id:most recently used project 14

MRUProj15 MRUProj15 MRUProj15 MRUProj15 MRUProj15 614

Command id:most recently used project 15

MRUProj16 MRUProj16 MRUProj16 MRUProj16 MRUProj16 615

Command id:most recently used project 16

MRUProj17 MRUProj17 MRUProj17 MRUProj17 MRUProj17 616

Command id:most recently used project 17

MRUProj18 MRUProj18 MRUProj18 MRUProj18 MRUProj18 617

Command id:most recently used project 18

MRUProj19 MRUProj19 MRUProj19 MRUProj19 MRUProj19 618

Command id:most recently used project 19

MRUProj2 MRUProj2 MRUProj2 MRUProj2 MRUProj2 601

Command id:most recently used project 2

MRUProj20 MRUProj20 MRUProj20 MRUProj20 MRUProj20 619

Command id:most recently used project 20

MRUProj21 MRUProj21 MRUProj21 MRUProj21 MRUProj21 620

Command id:most recently used project 21

MRUProj22 MRUProj22 MRUProj22 MRUProj22 MRUProj22 621

Command id:most recently used project 22

MRUProj23 MRUProj23 MRUProj23 MRUProj23 MRUProj23 622

Command id:most recently used project 23

MRUProj24 MRUProj24 MRUProj24 MRUProj24 MRUProj24 623

Command id:most recently used project 24

MRUProj25 MRUProj25 MRUProj25 MRUProj25 MRUProj25 624

Command id:most recently used project 26

MRUProj3 MRUProj3 MRUProj3 MRUProj3 MRUProj3 602

Command id:most recently used project 3

MRUProj4 MRUProj4 MRUProj4 MRUProj4 MRUProj4 603

Command id:most recently used project 4

MRUProj5 MRUProj5 MRUProj5 MRUProj5 MRUProj5 604

Command id:most recently used project 5

MRUProj6 MRUProj6 MRUProj6 MRUProj6 MRUProj6 605

Command id:most recently used project 6

MRUProj7 MRUProj7 MRUProj7 MRUProj7 MRUProj7 606

Command id:most recently used project 7

MRUProj8 MRUProj8 MRUProj8 MRUProj8 MRUProj8 607

Command id:most recently used project 8

MRUProj9 MRUProj9 MRUProj9 MRUProj9 MRUProj9 608

Command id:most recently used project 9

MultiLevelRedo MultiLevelRedo MultiLevelRedo MultiLevelRedo MultiLevelRedo 30

Multi Level Redo

MultiLevelRedoList MultiLevelRedoList MultiLevelRedoList MultiLevelRedoList MultiLevelRedoList 299

Multi Level Redo List

MultiLevelUndo MultiLevelUndo MultiLevelUndo MultiLevelUndo MultiLevelUndo 44

Multi Level Undo

MultiLevelUndoList MultiLevelUndoList MultiLevelUndoList MultiLevelUndoList MultiLevelUndoList 298

Multi Level Undo List

NewBlankSolution NewBlankSolution NewBlankSolution NewBlankSolution NewBlankSolution 414

New Blank Solution

NewBookmarkFolder NewBookmarkFolder NewBookmarkFolder NewBookmarkFolder NewBookmarkFolder 565

New Bookmark Folder

NewFolder NewFolder NewFolder NewFolder NewFolder 245

Command id:"New Folder" on Project menu.

NewPage NewPage NewPage NewPage NewPage 152

New Page

NewProject NewProject NewProject NewProject NewProject 216

Command id:"New Project" on File menu.

NewProjectFromExisting NewProjectFromExisting NewProjectFromExisting NewProjectFromExisting NewProjectFromExisting 385

Command id:"New Project From Existing" on File menu.

NewTable NewTable NewTable NewTable NewTable 104

New Table

NewWindow NewWindow NewWindow NewWindow NewWindow 265

Command id:"New Window" on Window menu.

NextBookmarkFolder NextBookmarkFolder NextBookmarkFolder NextBookmarkFolder NextBookmarkFolder 568

Next Bookmark Folder

NextDocument NextDocument NextDocument NextDocument NextDocument 628

Next Document

NextDocumentNav NextDocumentNav NextDocumentNav NextDocumentNav NextDocumentNav 1124

Navigate to Next Document

NextLocation NextLocation NextLocation NextLocation NextLocation 279

Command id:"Next Location" in Task List, Find in Files results, and so on.

NoCmdsAvailable NoCmdsAvailable NoCmdsAvailable NoCmdsAvailable NoCmdsAvailable 424

No Commands Available

OBBack OBBack OBBack OBBack OBBack 963

Object Browser command: Back

OBEnableGrouping OBEnableGrouping OBEnableGrouping OBEnableGrouping OBEnableGrouping 961

Object Browser command: Enable Grouping

OBForward OBForward OBForward OBForward OBForward 964

Object Browser command: Forward

OBGroupObjectsAccess OBGroupObjectsAccess OBGroupObjectsAccess OBGroupObjectsAccess OBGroupObjectsAccess 1102

Object Browser command: Group Object by Access

OBGroupObjectsType OBGroupObjectsType OBGroupObjectsType OBGroupObjectsType OBGroupObjectsType 1101

Object Browser command Group Objects by Type.

ObjectBrowser ObjectBrowser ObjectBrowser ObjectBrowser ObjectBrowser 238

Command id:"Object Browser" on View menu.

ObjectSearch ObjectSearch ObjectSearch ObjectSearch ObjectSearch 977

Object Search

ObjectSearchResults ObjectSearchResults ObjectSearchResults ObjectSearchResults ObjectSearchResults 978

Object Search Results

ObjectVerbList0 ObjectVerbList0 ObjectVerbList0 ObjectVerbList0 ObjectVerbList0 137

Object Verb List 0

ObjectVerbList1 ObjectVerbList1 ObjectVerbList1 ObjectVerbList1 ObjectVerbList1 138

Object Verb List 1

ObjectVerbList2 ObjectVerbList2 ObjectVerbList2 ObjectVerbList2 ObjectVerbList2 139

Object Verb List 2

ObjectVerbList3 ObjectVerbList3 ObjectVerbList3 ObjectVerbList3 ObjectVerbList3 140

Object Verb List 3

ObjectVerbList4 ObjectVerbList4 ObjectVerbList4 ObjectVerbList4 ObjectVerbList4 141

Object Verb List 4

ObjectVerbList5 ObjectVerbList5 ObjectVerbList5 ObjectVerbList5 ObjectVerbList5 142

Object Verb List 5

ObjectVerbList6 ObjectVerbList6 ObjectVerbList6 ObjectVerbList6 ObjectVerbList6 143

Object Verb List 6

ObjectVerbList7 ObjectVerbList7 ObjectVerbList7 ObjectVerbList7 ObjectVerbList7 144

Object Verb List 7

ObjectVerbList8 ObjectVerbList8 ObjectVerbList8 ObjectVerbList8 ObjectVerbList8 145

Object Verb List 8

ObjectVerbList9 ObjectVerbList9 ObjectVerbList9 ObjectVerbList9 ObjectVerbList9 146

Object Verb List 9

OBSDoFind OBSDoFind OBSDoFind OBSDoFind OBSDoFind 877

Object Browser command id: Do Find

OBSearchCombo OBSearchCombo OBSearchCombo OBSearchCombo OBSearchCombo 966

Object Browser command id: Search Combo

OBSearchOptCaseSensitive OBSearchOptCaseSensitive OBSearchOptCaseSensitive OBSearchOptCaseSensitive OBSearchOptCaseSensitive 970

Object Browser command id: Case-sensitive search

OBSearchOptPrefix OBSearchOptPrefix OBSearchOptPrefix OBSearchOptPrefix OBSearchOptPrefix 969

Object Browser command id: Search prefix option

OBSearchOptSubstring OBSearchOptSubstring OBSearchOptSubstring OBSearchOptSubstring OBSearchOptSubstring 968

Object Browser command id: Search substring option

OBSearchOptWholeWord OBSearchOptWholeWord OBSearchOptWholeWord OBSearchOptWholeWord OBSearchOptWholeWord 967

Object Browser command id: Search Whole Word option

OBSetGroupingCriteria OBSetGroupingCriteria OBSetGroupingCriteria OBSetGroupingCriteria OBSetGroupingCriteria 962

Object Browser command id: Set Grouping Criteria

OBShowHidden OBShowHidden OBShowHidden OBShowHidden OBShowHidden 960

Object Browser command id: Show Hidden

OBShowPackages OBShowPackages OBShowPackages OBShowPackages OBShowPackages 965

Object Browser command id: Show Packages

OBSLookInReferences OBSLookInReferences OBSLookInReferences OBSLookInReferences OBSLookInReferences 1108

Object Browser command id: Look in References

OBSMatchCase OBSMatchCase OBSMatchCase OBSMatchCase OBSMatchCase 878

Object Browser command id: Match case

OBSMatchPrefix OBSMatchPrefix OBSMatchPrefix OBSMatchPrefix OBSMatchPrefix 881

Object Browser command id: Match Prefix

OBSMatchSubString OBSMatchSubString OBSMatchSubString OBSMatchSubString OBSMatchSubString 879

Object Browser command id: Match Substring

OBSMatchWholeWord OBSMatchWholeWord OBSMatchWholeWord OBSMatchWholeWord OBSMatchWholeWord 880

Object Browser command id: Match Whole Word

OBSortMembersAccess OBSortMembersAccess OBSortMembersAccess OBSortMembersAccess OBSortMembersAccess 1105

Object Browser command id: Sort by Member Access

OBSortMembersAlpha OBSortMembersAlpha OBSortMembersAlpha OBSortMembersAlpha OBSortMembersAlpha 1103

Object Browser command id: Sort Members Alphabetically

OBSortMembersType OBSortMembersType OBSortMembersType OBSortMembersType OBSortMembersType 1104

Object Browser command id: Sort by Member Type

OBSortObjectsAccess OBSortObjectsAccess OBSortObjectsAccess OBSortObjectsAccess OBSortObjectsAccess 1100

Object Browser command id: Sort by Object Access

OBSortObjectsAlpha OBSortObjectsAlpha OBSortObjectsAlpha OBSortObjectsAlpha OBSortObjectsAlpha 1098

Object Browser command id: Sort Objects Alphabetically

OBSortObjectsType OBSortObjectsType OBSortObjectsType OBSortObjectsType OBSortObjectsType 1099

Object Browser command id: Sort Objects by Type

OLEObjectMenuButton OLEObjectMenuButton OLEObjectMenuButton OLEObjectMenuButton OLEObjectMenuButton 136

Object Browser command id: Object Menu Button

OneOrMore OneOrMore OneOrMore OneOrMore OneOrMore 735

Select One or More

Open Open Open Open Open 261


OpenDropDownOpen OpenDropDownOpen OpenDropDownOpen OpenDropDownOpen OpenDropDownOpen 1058

Open Drop Down Open

OpenDropDownOpenWith OpenDropDownOpenWith OpenDropDownOpenWith OpenDropDownOpenWith OpenDropDownOpenWith 1059

Open Drop Down With

OpenProject OpenProject OpenProject OpenProject OpenProject 217

Command id:"Open Project" on File menu.

OpenProjectFromWeb OpenProjectFromWeb OpenProjectFromWeb OpenProjectFromWeb OpenProjectFromWeb 450

Command id:"Open Project From Web" on File menu

OpenProjectItem OpenProjectItem OpenProjectItem OpenProjectItem OpenProjectItem 315

Open Project Item

OpenSolution OpenSolution OpenSolution OpenSolution OpenSolution 218

Command id:"Open Solution" on File menu.

OpenWith OpenWith OpenWith OpenWith OpenWith 199

Open with.

Or Or Or Or Or 742


OtherQuery OtherQuery OtherQuery OtherQuery OtherQuery 172

Change query type to "other".

OutputWindow OutputWindow OutputWindow OutputWindow OutputWindow 237

Command id:"Output Window" on View menu.

Override Override Override Override Override 954


PageSetup PageSetup PageSetup PageSetup PageSetup 227

Command id:"Page Setup" on File menu.

PaneActivateDocWindow PaneActivateDocWindow PaneActivateDocWindow PaneActivateDocWindow PaneActivateDocWindow 289

Command id:"Activate Document Window Pane" for window selection via keyboard.

PaneCloseToolWindow PaneCloseToolWindow PaneCloseToolWindow PaneCloseToolWindow PaneCloseToolWindow 288

Command id:"Close Tool Window Pane" for window selection via keyboard.

PaneNextPane PaneNextPane PaneNextPane PaneNextPane PaneNextPane 316

Command id:"Next Pane" for window selection via keyboard.

PaneNextSubPane PaneNextSubPane PaneNextSubPane PaneNextSubPane PaneNextSubPane 1062

Next Sub Pane

PaneNextTab PaneNextTab PaneNextTab PaneNextTab PaneNextTab 286

Command id:"Next Tab" for window selection via keyboard.

PanePrevPane PanePrevPane PanePrevPane PanePrevPane PanePrevPane 317

Command id:"Previous Pane" for window selection via keyboard.

PanePrevSubPane PanePrevSubPane PanePrevSubPane PanePrevSubPane PanePrevSubPane 1063

Previous Sub Pane

PanePrevTab PanePrevTab PanePrevTab PanePrevTab PanePrevTab 287

Command id:"Previous Pane" for window selection via keyboard.

Parameters Parameters Parameters Parameters Parameters 120


Paste Paste Paste Paste Paste 26

Command id:"Paste".

PasteNextTBXCBItem PasteNextTBXCBItem PasteNextTBXCBItem PasteNextTBXCBItem PasteNextTBXCBItem 655

Paste Next TBXCB Item

PatternMatchHelp PatternMatchHelp PatternMatchHelp PatternMatchHelp PatternMatchHelp 745

Regular expression builder context help menu command id: "Pattern Match Help"

Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause 180


PbrsToggleStatus PbrsToggleStatus PbrsToggleStatus PbrsToggleStatus PbrsToggleStatus 282

Command id:"Property Browser Toggle Status" on Property Browser context menu.

PopBrowseContext PopBrowseContext PopBrowseContext PopBrowseContext PopBrowseContext 1106

Pop Browse Context

PrevBookmarkFolder PrevBookmarkFolder PrevBookmarkFolder PrevBookmarkFolder PrevBookmarkFolder 569

Previous Bookmark Folder

PrevDocument PrevDocument PrevDocument PrevDocument PrevDocument 629

Previous Document

PrevDocumentNav PrevDocumentNav PrevDocumentNav PrevDocumentNav PrevDocumentNav 1125

Navigate to Previous Document

Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview 198

Preview page.

PreviewInBrowser PreviewInBrowser PreviewInBrowser PreviewInBrowser PreviewInBrowser 334

Preview in Browser

PreviousLocation PreviousLocation PreviousLocation PreviousLocation PreviousLocation 280

Command id:"Previous Location" in Task List, Find in Files results, and so on.

PrimaryKey PrimaryKey PrimaryKey PrimaryKey PrimaryKey 109

Primary Key

Print Print Print Print Print 27

Command id:"Print".

PrintDefault PrintDefault PrintDefault PrintDefault PrintDefault 897

Command id: Print Default (quick print)

PrintPreview PrintPreview PrintPreview PrintPreview PrintPreview 228

Command id:"Print Preview" on File menu.

ProjectDependencies ProjectDependencies ProjectDependencies ProjectDependencies ProjectDependencies 657

Project Dependencies

ProjectExplorer ProjectExplorer ProjectExplorer ProjectExplorer ProjectExplorer 234

Command id:"Project Explorer" on View menu.

ProjectProperties ProjectProperties ProjectProperties ProjectProperties ProjectProperties 396

Project Properties

ProjectReferences ProjectReferences ProjectReferences ProjectReferences ProjectReferences 367

Command id:"Project References" on Project menu.

ProjectSettings ProjectSettings ProjectSettings ProjectSettings ProjectSettings 247

Command id:"Project Settings" on Project menu.

PropbrsHide PropbrsHide PropbrsHide PropbrsHide PropbrsHide 283

Command id:"Hide Property Browser" on Property Browser context menu.

Properties Properties Properties Properties Properties 28


PropertiesWindow PropertiesWindow PropertiesWindow PropertiesWindow PropertiesWindow 235

Properties Window

PropertyPages PropertyPages PropertyPages PropertyPages PropertyPages 232

Command id:"Property Pages" on View menu.

PropSheetOrProperties PropSheetOrProperties PropSheetOrProperties PropSheetOrProperties PropSheetOrProperties 397

Property Sheet or Property Window

PRSortAlphabeticaly PRSortAlphabeticaly PRSortAlphabeticaly PRSortAlphabeticaly PRSortAlphabeticaly 1041

Sort Properties Alphabetically. Note: "Alphabeticaly" is misspelled in enumeration member.

PRSortByCategory PRSortByCategory PRSortByCategory PRSortByCategory PRSortByCategory 1042

Sort Properties by Category

QryManageIndexes QryManageIndexes QryManageIndexes QryManageIndexes QryManageIndexes 896

Manage Query Indexes

QueryOpenDesign QueryOpenDesign QueryOpenDesign QueryOpenDesign QueryOpenDesign 99

Open Query Designer

QueryOpenNew QueryOpenNew QueryOpenNew QueryOpenNew QueryOpenNew 100

Open New Query

QuickObjectSearch QuickObjectSearch QuickObjectSearch QuickObjectSearch QuickObjectSearch 1119

Quick Object Search

QuickWatch QuickWatch QuickWatch QuickWatch QuickWatch 254

Command id:"Quick Watch" on Debug menu.

QuotedString QuotedString QuotedString QuotedString QuotedString 1028

Quoted String

Raised Raised Raised Raised Raised 75


Rebuild1 Rebuild1 Rebuild1 Rebuild1 Rebuild1 989

Rebuild 1

Rebuild2 Rebuild2 Rebuild2 Rebuild2 Rebuild2 990

Rebuild 2

Rebuild3 Rebuild3 Rebuild3 Rebuild3 Rebuild3 991

Rebuild 3

Rebuild4 Rebuild4 Rebuild4 Rebuild4 Rebuild4 992

Rebuild 4

Rebuild5 Rebuild5 Rebuild5 Rebuild5 Rebuild5 993

Rebuild 5

Rebuild6 Rebuild6 Rebuild6 Rebuild6 Rebuild6 994

Rebuild 6

Rebuild7 Rebuild7 Rebuild7 Rebuild7 Rebuild7 995

Rebuild 7

Rebuild8 Rebuild8 Rebuild8 Rebuild8 Rebuild8 996

Rebuild 8

Rebuild9 Rebuild9 Rebuild9 Rebuild9 Rebuild9 997

Rebuild 9

RebuildCtx RebuildCtx RebuildCtx RebuildCtx RebuildCtx 893

Rebuild Control

RebuildLast RebuildLast RebuildLast RebuildLast RebuildLast 998

Rebuild Last

RebuildProjPicker RebuildProjPicker RebuildProjPicker RebuildProjPicker RebuildProjPicker 1020

Rebuild Project Picker

RebuildSel RebuildSel RebuildSel RebuildSel RebuildSel 887

Rebuild Selection

RebuildSln RebuildSln RebuildSln RebuildSln RebuildSln 883

Rebuild Solution.

RecordFirst RecordFirst RecordFirst RecordFirst RecordFirst 203

Go to first record in set.

RecordGoto RecordGoto RecordGoto RecordGoto RecordGoto 207

Go to record via dialog.

RecordLast RecordLast RecordLast RecordLast RecordLast 204

Go to last record in set.

RecordNew RecordNew RecordNew RecordNew RecordNew 208

Add a record to set.

RecordNext RecordNext RecordNext RecordNext RecordNext 205

Go to the next record in set.

RecordPrevious RecordPrevious RecordPrevious RecordPrevious RecordPrevious 206

Go to previous record in set.

Redo Redo Redo Redo Redo 29

Command id:"Redo".

RefocusDiagram RefocusDiagram RefocusDiagram RefocusDiagram RefocusDiagram 159

Refocus Diagram

Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh 189

Refresh webscope diagram.

RegExList RegExList RegExList RegExList RegExList 746

Regular expression builder context help menu command id: "Regular Expression List".

ReloadProject ReloadProject ReloadProject ReloadProject ReloadProject 412

User-invoked project reload.

Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove 168


RemoveFilter RemoveFilter RemoveFilter RemoveFilter RemoveFilter 164

Remove Filter

Rename Rename Rename Rename Rename 150


RenameBookmark RenameBookmark RenameBookmark RenameBookmark RenameBookmark 559

Rename Bookmark

Replace Replace Replace Replace Replace 230

Command id:"Replace" on Edit menu.

ReplaceInFiles ReplaceInFiles ReplaceInFiles ReplaceInFiles ReplaceInFiles 278

Replace in Files

ResourceView ResourceView ResourceView ResourceView ResourceView 1023

Resource View

Restart Restart Restart Restart Restart 296


Resume Resume Resume Resume Resume 181

Resume webscope rendering.

RightOuterJoin RightOuterJoin RightOuterJoin RightOuterJoin RightOuterJoin 127

Right Outer Join

RunQuery RunQuery RunQuery RunQuery RunQuery 201

Run a query.

RunToCallstCursor RunToCallstCursor RunToCallstCursor RunToCallstCursor RunToCallstCursor 423
RunToCursor RunToCursor RunToCursor RunToCursor RunToCursor 251

Command id:"Run To Cursor" on Debug menu.

Save Save Save Save Save 110

Command id:"Save".

SaveAs SaveAs SaveAs SaveAs SaveAs 111

Command id:"Save As".

SaveOptions SaveOptions SaveOptions SaveOptions SaveOptions 959

Command id:"Save Options".

SaveProjectItem SaveProjectItem SaveProjectItem SaveProjectItem SaveProjectItem 331

Save Project Item

SaveProjectItemAs SaveProjectItemAs SaveProjectItemAs SaveProjectItemAs SaveProjectItemAs 226

Command id:"Save Project Item As" on File menu.

SaveSelection SaveSelection SaveSelection SaveSelection SaveSelection 174

Save Selection

SaveSolution SaveSolution SaveSolution SaveSolution SaveSolution 224

Command id:"Save Solution" on File menu.

SaveSolutionAs SaveSolutionAs SaveSolutionAs SaveSolutionAs SaveSolutionAs 225

Command id:"Save Solution As" on File menu.

SearchCombo SearchCombo SearchCombo SearchCombo SearchCombo 337

Search Combo

SearchGetList SearchGetList SearchGetList SearchGetList SearchGetList 374

Search Get List

SearchSetCombo SearchSetCombo SearchSetCombo SearchSetCombo SearchSetCombo 307

Search Set Combo

SelectAll SelectAll SelectAll SelectAll SelectAll 31

Command id:"Select All".

SelectAllFields SelectAllFields SelectAllFields SelectAllFields SelectAllFields 135

Select All Fields

SelectProjectTemplate SelectProjectTemplate SelectProjectTemplate SelectProjectTemplate SelectProjectTemplate 415

Select Project Template

SelectQuery SelectQuery SelectQuery SelectQuery SelectQuery 118

Select by Query

SendBackward SendBackward SendBackward SendBackward SendBackward 32

Send Backward

SendToBack SendToBack SendToBack SendToBack SendToBack 33

Send to Back

SetNextStatement SetNextStatement SetNextStatement SetNextStatement SetNextStatement 258

Command id:"Set Next Statement" on Debug menu.

SetStartupProject SetStartupProject SetStartupProject SetStartupProject SetStartupProject 246

Command id:"Set as StartUp Project" on Project menu.

Shadowed Shadowed Shadowed Shadowed Shadowed 80


Shell Shell Shell Shell Shell 732


ShellNavBackward ShellNavBackward ShellNavBackward ShellNavBackward ShellNavBackward 809

Shell Navigate Backward

ShellNavForward ShellNavForward ShellNavForward ShellNavForward ShellNavForward 810

Shell Navigate Forward

ShellNavigate1 ShellNavigate1 ShellNavigate1 ShellNavigate1 ShellNavigate1 811

Shell Navigate 1

ShellNavigate10 ShellNavigate10 ShellNavigate10 ShellNavigate10 ShellNavigate10 820

Shell Navigate 10

ShellNavigate11 ShellNavigate11 ShellNavigate11 ShellNavigate11 ShellNavigate11 821

Shell Navigate 11

ShellNavigate12 ShellNavigate12 ShellNavigate12 ShellNavigate12 ShellNavigate12 822

Shell Navigate 12

ShellNavigate13 ShellNavigate13 ShellNavigate13 ShellNavigate13 ShellNavigate13 823

Shell Navigate 13

ShellNavigate14 ShellNavigate14 ShellNavigate14 ShellNavigate14 ShellNavigate14 824

Shell Navigate 14

ShellNavigate15 ShellNavigate15 ShellNavigate15 ShellNavigate15 ShellNavigate15 825

Shell Navigate 15

ShellNavigate16 ShellNavigate16 ShellNavigate16 ShellNavigate16 ShellNavigate16 826

Shell Navigate 16

ShellNavigate17 ShellNavigate17 ShellNavigate17 ShellNavigate17 ShellNavigate17 827

Shell Navigate 17

ShellNavigate18 ShellNavigate18 ShellNavigate18 ShellNavigate18 ShellNavigate18 828

Shell Navigate 18

ShellNavigate19 ShellNavigate19 ShellNavigate19 ShellNavigate19 ShellNavigate19 829

Shell Navigate 19

ShellNavigate2 ShellNavigate2 ShellNavigate2 ShellNavigate2 ShellNavigate2 812

Shell Navigate 2

ShellNavigate20 ShellNavigate20 ShellNavigate20 ShellNavigate20 ShellNavigate20 830

Shell Navigate 20

ShellNavigate21 ShellNavigate21 ShellNavigate21 ShellNavigate21 ShellNavigate21 831

Shell Navigate 21

ShellNavigate22 ShellNavigate22 ShellNavigate22 ShellNavigate22 ShellNavigate22 832

Shell Navigate 22

ShellNavigate23 ShellNavigate23 ShellNavigate23 ShellNavigate23 ShellNavigate23 833

Shell Navigate 23

ShellNavigate24 ShellNavigate24 ShellNavigate24 ShellNavigate24 ShellNavigate24 834

Shell Navigate 24

ShellNavigate25 ShellNavigate25 ShellNavigate25 ShellNavigate25 ShellNavigate25 835

Shell Navigate 25

ShellNavigate26 ShellNavigate26 ShellNavigate26 ShellNavigate26 ShellNavigate26 836

Shell Navigate 26

ShellNavigate27 ShellNavigate27 ShellNavigate27 ShellNavigate27 ShellNavigate27 837

Shell Navigate 27

ShellNavigate28 ShellNavigate28 ShellNavigate28 ShellNavigate28 ShellNavigate28 838

Shell Navigate 28

ShellNavigate29 ShellNavigate29 ShellNavigate29 ShellNavigate29 ShellNavigate29 839

Shell Navigate 29

ShellNavigate3 ShellNavigate3 ShellNavigate3 ShellNavigate3 ShellNavigate3 813

Shell Navigate 3

ShellNavigate30 ShellNavigate30 ShellNavigate30 ShellNavigate30 ShellNavigate30 840

Shell Navigate 30

ShellNavigate31 ShellNavigate31 ShellNavigate31 ShellNavigate31 ShellNavigate31 841

Shell Navigate 31

ShellNavigate32 ShellNavigate32 ShellNavigate32 ShellNavigate32 ShellNavigate32 842

Shell Navigate 32

ShellNavigate33 ShellNavigate33 ShellNavigate33 ShellNavigate33 ShellNavigate33 843

Shell Navigate 33

ShellNavigate4 ShellNavigate4 ShellNavigate4 ShellNavigate4 ShellNavigate4 814

Shell Navigate 4

ShellNavigate5 ShellNavigate5 ShellNavigate5 ShellNavigate5 ShellNavigate5 815

Shell Navigate 5

ShellNavigate6 ShellNavigate6 ShellNavigate6 ShellNavigate6 ShellNavigate6 816

Shell Navigate 6

ShellNavigate7 ShellNavigate7 ShellNavigate7 ShellNavigate7 ShellNavigate7 817

Shell Navigate 7

ShellNavigate8 ShellNavigate8 ShellNavigate8 ShellNavigate8 ShellNavigate8 818

Shell Navigate 8

ShellNavigate9 ShellNavigate9 ShellNavigate9 ShellNavigate9 ShellNavigate9 819

Shell Navigate 9

ShellWindowNavigate1 ShellWindowNavigate1 ShellWindowNavigate1 ShellWindowNavigate1 ShellWindowNavigate1 844

Shell Window Navigate 1

ShellWindowNavigate10 ShellWindowNavigate10 ShellWindowNavigate10 ShellWindowNavigate10 ShellWindowNavigate10 853

Shell Window Navigate 10

ShellWindowNavigate11 ShellWindowNavigate11 ShellWindowNavigate11 ShellWindowNavigate11 ShellWindowNavigate11 854

Shell Window Navigate 11

ShellWindowNavigate12 ShellWindowNavigate12 ShellWindowNavigate12 ShellWindowNavigate12 ShellWindowNavigate12 855

Shell Window Navigate 12

ShellWindowNavigate13 ShellWindowNavigate13 ShellWindowNavigate13 ShellWindowNavigate13 ShellWindowNavigate13 856

Shell Window Navigate 13

ShellWindowNavigate14 ShellWindowNavigate14 ShellWindowNavigate14 ShellWindowNavigate14 ShellWindowNavigate14 857

Shell Window Navigate 14

ShellWindowNavigate15 ShellWindowNavigate15 ShellWindowNavigate15 ShellWindowNavigate15 ShellWindowNavigate15 858

Shell Window Navigate 15

ShellWindowNavigate16 ShellWindowNavigate16 ShellWindowNavigate16 ShellWindowNavigate16 ShellWindowNavigate16 859

Shell Window Navigate 16

ShellWindowNavigate17 ShellWindowNavigate17 ShellWindowNavigate17 ShellWindowNavigate17 ShellWindowNavigate17 860

Shell Window Navigate 17

ShellWindowNavigate18 ShellWindowNavigate18 ShellWindowNavigate18 ShellWindowNavigate18 ShellWindowNavigate18 861

Shell Window Navigate 18

ShellWindowNavigate19 ShellWindowNavigate19 ShellWindowNavigate19 ShellWindowNavigate19 ShellWindowNavigate19 862

Shell Window Navigate 19

ShellWindowNavigate2 ShellWindowNavigate2 ShellWindowNavigate2 ShellWindowNavigate2 ShellWindowNavigate2 845

Shell Window Navigate 2

ShellWindowNavigate20 ShellWindowNavigate20 ShellWindowNavigate20 ShellWindowNavigate20 ShellWindowNavigate20 863

Shell Window Navigate 20

ShellWindowNavigate21 ShellWindowNavigate21 ShellWindowNavigate21 ShellWindowNavigate21 ShellWindowNavigate21 864

Shell Window Navigate 21

ShellWindowNavigate22 ShellWindowNavigate22 ShellWindowNavigate22 ShellWindowNavigate22 ShellWindowNavigate22 865

Shell Window Navigate 22

ShellWindowNavigate23 ShellWindowNavigate23 ShellWindowNavigate23 ShellWindowNavigate23 ShellWindowNavigate23 866

Shell Window Navigate 23

ShellWindowNavigate24 ShellWindowNavigate24 ShellWindowNavigate24 ShellWindowNavigate24 ShellWindowNavigate24 867

Shell Window Navigate 24

ShellWindowNavigate25 ShellWindowNavigate25 ShellWindowNavigate25 ShellWindowNavigate25 ShellWindowNavigate25 868

Shell Window Navigate 25

ShellWindowNavigate26 ShellWindowNavigate26 ShellWindowNavigate26 ShellWindowNavigate26 ShellWindowNavigate26 869

Shell Window Navigate 26

ShellWindowNavigate27 ShellWindowNavigate27 ShellWindowNavigate27 ShellWindowNavigate27 ShellWindowNavigate27 870

Shell Window Navigate 27

ShellWindowNavigate28 ShellWindowNavigate28 ShellWindowNavigate28 ShellWindowNavigate28 ShellWindowNavigate28 871

Shell Window Navigate 28

ShellWindowNavigate29 ShellWindowNavigate29 ShellWindowNavigate29 ShellWindowNavigate29 ShellWindowNavigate29 872

Shell Window Navigate 29

ShellWindowNavigate3 ShellWindowNavigate3 ShellWindowNavigate3 ShellWindowNavigate3 ShellWindowNavigate3 846

Shell Window Navigate 3

ShellWindowNavigate30 ShellWindowNavigate30 ShellWindowNavigate30 ShellWindowNavigate30 ShellWindowNavigate30 873

Shell Window Navigate 30

ShellWindowNavigate31 ShellWindowNavigate31 ShellWindowNavigate31 ShellWindowNavigate31 ShellWindowNavigate31 874

Shell Window Navigate 31

ShellWindowNavigate32 ShellWindowNavigate32 ShellWindowNavigate32 ShellWindowNavigate32 ShellWindowNavigate32 875

Shell Window Navigate 32

ShellWindowNavigate33 ShellWindowNavigate33 ShellWindowNavigate33 ShellWindowNavigate33 ShellWindowNavigate33 876

Shell Window Navigate 33

ShellWindowNavigate4 ShellWindowNavigate4 ShellWindowNavigate4 ShellWindowNavigate4 ShellWindowNavigate4 847

Shell Window Navigate 4

ShellWindowNavigate5 ShellWindowNavigate5 ShellWindowNavigate5 ShellWindowNavigate5 ShellWindowNavigate5 848

Shell Window Navigate 5

ShellWindowNavigate6 ShellWindowNavigate6 ShellWindowNavigate6 ShellWindowNavigate6 ShellWindowNavigate6 849

Shell Window Navigate 6

ShellWindowNavigate7 ShellWindowNavigate7 ShellWindowNavigate7 ShellWindowNavigate7 ShellWindowNavigate7 850

Shell Window Navigate 7

ShellWindowNavigate8 ShellWindowNavigate8 ShellWindowNavigate8 ShellWindowNavigate8 ShellWindowNavigate8 851

Shell Window Navigate 8

ShellWindowNavigate9 ShellWindowNavigate9 ShellWindowNavigate9 ShellWindowNavigate9 ShellWindowNavigate9 852

Shell Window Navigate 9

ShowAllObjects ShowAllObjects ShowAllObjects ShowAllObjects ShowAllObjects 183

Show all objects in webscope diagram.

ShowApplications ShowApplications ShowApplications ShowApplications ShowApplications 184

Show Application objects in webscope diagram.

ShowBases ShowBases ShowBases ShowBases ShowBases 940

Object browser / Class View commandcommand: Show Bases

ShowBreakpoints ShowBreakpoints ShowBreakpoints ShowBreakpoints ShowBreakpoints 257

Command id:"Show Breakpoints" on Debug menu.

ShowCallees ShowCallees ShowCallees ShowCallees ShowCallees 945

Object browser / Class View commandcommand: Show Callees

ShowCallers ShowCallers ShowCallers ShowCallers ShowCallers 944

Object browser / Class View commandcommand: Show Callers

ShowDataPane ShowDataPane ShowDataPane ShowDataPane ShowDataPane 133

Show Data Pane

ShowDefns ShowDefns ShowDefns ShowDefns ShowDefns 942

Object browser / Class View commandcommand: Show Definitions

ShowDerived ShowDerived ShowDerived ShowDerived ShowDerived 941

Object browser / Class View commandcommand: Show Derived

ShowDownloads ShowDownloads ShowDownloads ShowDownloads ShowDownloads 193

Show download objects in webscope diagram.

ShowExternals ShowExternals ShowExternals ShowExternals ShowExternals 194

Show external objects in webscope diagram.

ShowGraphicalPane ShowGraphicalPane ShowGraphicalPane ShowGraphicalPane ShowGraphicalPane 132

Show Graphical Pane

ShowGrid ShowGrid ShowGrid ShowGrid ShowGrid 103

Show Grid

ShowHideOutline ShowHideOutline ShowHideOutline ShowHideOutline ShowHideOutline 421

Document outline command.

ShowHomePage ShowHomePage ShowHomePage ShowHomePage ShowHomePage 1024

Show Home Page


Show inbound and outbound links in webscope diagram.


Show inbound links in webscope diagram.

ShowMembers ShowMembers ShowMembers ShowMembers ShowMembers 939

Object browser/ Class View command: Show Members

ShowNextStatement ShowNextStatement ShowNextStatement ShowNextStatement ShowNextStatement 259

Command id:"Show Next Statement" on Debug menu.

ShowOtherObjects ShowOtherObjects ShowOtherObjects ShowOtherObjects ShowOtherObjects 185

Show other objects in webscope diagram.


Show outbound links in webscope diagram.

ShowPages ShowPages ShowPages ShowPages ShowPages 200

Show HTML pages.

ShowPrimRelationships ShowPrimRelationships ShowPrimRelationships ShowPrimRelationships ShowPrimRelationships 186

Show primary relationships.

ShowProperties ShowProperties ShowProperties ShowProperties ShowProperties 310

Show Properties

ShowQBEPane ShowQBEPane ShowQBEPane ShowQBEPane ShowQBEPane 134

Show QBE Pane

ShowRefs ShowRefs ShowRefs ShowRefs ShowRefs 943

Object browser / Class View commandcommand: Show References

ShowResources ShowResources ShowResources ShowResources ShowResources 191

Show resource objects in webscope diagram.

ShowSQLPane ShowSQLPane ShowSQLPane ShowSQLPane ShowSQLPane 131

Show SQL Pane

ShowStartPage ShowStartPage ShowStartPage ShowStartPage ShowStartPage 899

Show Start Page

ShowTable ShowTable ShowTable ShowTable ShowTable 34

Show Table

SingleChar SingleChar SingleChar SingleChar SingleChar 733

Single Character

SingleTableDesign SingleTableDesign SingleTableDesign SingleTableDesign SingleTableDesign 101

Single Table Design

SingleTableNew SingleTableNew SingleTableNew SingleTableNew SingleTableNew 102

Single New Table

SizeToControl SizeToControl SizeToControl SizeToControl SizeToControl 35

Size to Control

SizeToControlHeight SizeToControlHeight SizeToControlHeight SizeToControlHeight SizeToControlHeight 36

Size to Control Height

SizeToControlWidth SizeToControlWidth SizeToControlWidth SizeToControlWidth SizeToControlWidth 37

Size to Control Width

SizeToFit SizeToFit SizeToFit SizeToFit SizeToFit 38

Size to Fit

SizeToGrid SizeToGrid SizeToGrid SizeToGrid SizeToGrid 39

Size to Grid

SlnCfgMgr SlnCfgMgr SlnCfgMgr SlnCfgMgr SlnCfgMgr 771

Solution Configuration Manager

SnapToGrid SnapToGrid SnapToGrid SnapToGrid SnapToGrid 40

Snap to Grid

SolutionCfg SolutionCfg SolutionCfg SolutionCfg SolutionCfg 684

Solution Configuration

SolutionCfgGetList SolutionCfgGetList SolutionCfgGetList SolutionCfgGetList SolutionCfgGetList 685

Get Solution Configuration List

SortAscending SortAscending SortAscending SortAscending SortAscending 112

Sort in Ascending Order

SortDescending SortDescending SortDescending SortDescending SortDescending 113

Sort in Descending Order

SpaceOrTab SpaceOrTab SpaceOrTab SpaceOrTab SpaceOrTab 1029

Space or Tab

Split Split Split Split Split 266

Command id:"Split" on Window menu.

SplitNext SplitNext SplitNext SplitNext SplitNext 625

Split Next

SplitPrev SplitPrev SplitPrev SplitPrev SplitPrev 626

Split Previous

StandardMax StandardMax StandardMax StandardMax StandardMax 1500

Standard Maximum

Start Start Start Start Start 295


StartNoDebug StartNoDebug StartNoDebug StartNoDebug StartNoDebug 368

Start No Debug Build

StepInto StepInto StepInto StepInto StepInto 248

Command id:"Step Into" on Debug menu.

StepOut StepOut StepOut StepOut StepOut 250

Command id:"Step Out" on Debug menu.

StepOver StepOver StepOver StepOver StepOver 249

Command id:"Step Over" on Debug menu.

SterlingFirst SterlingFirst SterlingFirst SterlingFirst SterlingFirst 40960
SterlingLast SterlingLast SterlingLast SterlingLast SterlingLast 49151
Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop 179

Stop webscope rendering.

SubsetCombo SubsetCombo SubsetCombo SubsetCombo SubsetCombo 1096

Subset Combo

SubsetGetList SubsetGetList SubsetGetList SubsetGetList SubsetGetList 1097

Subset Get List

Sunken Sunken Sunken Sunken Sunken 76


SyncClassView SyncClassView SyncClassView SyncClassView SyncClassView 938

Object browser / Class View command: Sync Class View

SyncOutline SyncOutline SyncOutline SyncOutline SyncOutline 422

Document outline command.

TabOrder TabOrder TabOrder TabOrder TabOrder 41

Tab Order

TagExp TagExp TagExp TagExp TagExp 744

Tag Expression

TaggedExp1 TaggedExp1 TaggedExp1 TaggedExp1 TaggedExp1 760

Tagged Expression 1

TaggedExp2 TaggedExp2 TaggedExp2 TaggedExp2 TaggedExp2 761

Tagged Expression 2

TaggedExp3 TaggedExp3 TaggedExp3 TaggedExp3 TaggedExp3 762

Tagged Expression 3

TaggedExp4 TaggedExp4 TaggedExp4 TaggedExp4 TaggedExp4 763

Tagged Expression 4

TaggedExp5 TaggedExp5 TaggedExp5 TaggedExp5 TaggedExp5 764

Tagged Expression 5

TaggedExp6 TaggedExp6 TaggedExp6 TaggedExp6 TaggedExp6 765

Tagged Expression 6

TaggedExp7 TaggedExp7 TaggedExp7 TaggedExp7 TaggedExp7 766

Tagged Expression 7

TaggedExp8 TaggedExp8 TaggedExp8 TaggedExp8 TaggedExp8 767

Tagged Expression 8

TaggedExp9 TaggedExp9 TaggedExp9 TaggedExp9 TaggedExp9 768

Tagged Expression9

TaskListCustomView1 TaskListCustomView1 TaskListCustomView1 TaskListCustomView1 TaskListCustomView1 678

Task List Custom View 1

TaskListCustomView10 TaskListCustomView10 TaskListCustomView10 TaskListCustomView10 TaskListCustomView10 687

Task List Custom View 10

TaskListCustomView11 TaskListCustomView11 TaskListCustomView11 TaskListCustomView11 TaskListCustomView11 688

Task List Custom View 11

TaskListCustomView12 TaskListCustomView12 TaskListCustomView12 TaskListCustomView12 TaskListCustomView12 689

Task List Custom View 12

TaskListCustomView13 TaskListCustomView13 TaskListCustomView13 TaskListCustomView13 TaskListCustomView13 690

Task List Custom View 13

TaskListCustomView14 TaskListCustomView14 TaskListCustomView14 TaskListCustomView14 TaskListCustomView14 691

Task List Custom View 14

TaskListCustomView15 TaskListCustomView15 TaskListCustomView15 TaskListCustomView15 TaskListCustomView15 692

Task List Custom View 15

TaskListCustomView16 TaskListCustomView16 TaskListCustomView16 TaskListCustomView16 TaskListCustomView16 693

Task List Custom View 16

TaskListCustomView17 TaskListCustomView17 TaskListCustomView17 TaskListCustomView17 TaskListCustomView17 694

Task List Custom View 17

TaskListCustomView18 TaskListCustomView18 TaskListCustomView18 TaskListCustomView18 TaskListCustomView18 695

Task List Custom View 18

TaskListCustomView19 TaskListCustomView19 TaskListCustomView19 TaskListCustomView19 TaskListCustomView19 696

Task List Custom View 19

TaskListCustomView2 TaskListCustomView2 TaskListCustomView2 TaskListCustomView2 TaskListCustomView2 679

Task List Custom View 2

TaskListCustomView20 TaskListCustomView20 TaskListCustomView20 TaskListCustomView20 TaskListCustomView20 697

Task List Custom View 20

TaskListCustomView21 TaskListCustomView21 TaskListCustomView21 TaskListCustomView21 TaskListCustomView21 698

Task List Custom View 21

TaskListCustomView22 TaskListCustomView22 TaskListCustomView22 TaskListCustomView22 TaskListCustomView22 699

Task List Custom View 22

TaskListCustomView23 TaskListCustomView23 TaskListCustomView23 TaskListCustomView23 TaskListCustomView23 700

Task List Custom View 23

TaskListCustomView24 TaskListCustomView24 TaskListCustomView24 TaskListCustomView24 TaskListCustomView24 701

Task List Custom View 24

TaskListCustomView25 TaskListCustomView25 TaskListCustomView25 TaskListCustomView25 TaskListCustomView25 702

Task List Custom View 25

TaskListCustomView26 TaskListCustomView26 TaskListCustomView26 TaskListCustomView26 TaskListCustomView26 703

Task List Custom View 26

TaskListCustomView27 TaskListCustomView27 TaskListCustomView27 TaskListCustomView27 TaskListCustomView27 704

Task List Custom View 27

TaskListCustomView28 TaskListCustomView28 TaskListCustomView28 TaskListCustomView28 TaskListCustomView28 705

Task List Custom View 28

TaskListCustomView29 TaskListCustomView29 TaskListCustomView29 TaskListCustomView29 TaskListCustomView29 706

Task List Custom View 29

TaskListCustomView3 TaskListCustomView3 TaskListCustomView3 TaskListCustomView3 TaskListCustomView3 680

Task List Custom View 3

TaskListCustomView30 TaskListCustomView30 TaskListCustomView30 TaskListCustomView30 TaskListCustomView30 707

Task List Custom View 30

TaskListCustomView31 TaskListCustomView31 TaskListCustomView31 TaskListCustomView31 TaskListCustomView31 708

Task List Custom View 31

TaskListCustomView32 TaskListCustomView32 TaskListCustomView32 TaskListCustomView32 TaskListCustomView32 709

Task List Custom View 32

TaskListCustomView33 TaskListCustomView33 TaskListCustomView33 TaskListCustomView33 TaskListCustomView33 710

Task List Custom View 33

TaskListCustomView34 TaskListCustomView34 TaskListCustomView34 TaskListCustomView34 TaskListCustomView34 711

Task List Custom View 34

TaskListCustomView35 TaskListCustomView35 TaskListCustomView35 TaskListCustomView35 TaskListCustomView35 712

Task List Custom View 35

TaskListCustomView36 TaskListCustomView36 TaskListCustomView36 TaskListCustomView36 TaskListCustomView36 713

Task List Custom View 36

TaskListCustomView37 TaskListCustomView37 TaskListCustomView37 TaskListCustomView37 TaskListCustomView37 714

Task List Custom View 37

TaskListCustomView38 TaskListCustomView38 TaskListCustomView38 TaskListCustomView38 TaskListCustomView38 715

Task List Custom View 38

TaskListCustomView39 TaskListCustomView39 TaskListCustomView39 TaskListCustomView39 TaskListCustomView39 716

Task List Custom View 39

TaskListCustomView4 TaskListCustomView4 TaskListCustomView4 TaskListCustomView4 TaskListCustomView4 681

Task List Custom View 4

TaskListCustomView40 TaskListCustomView40 TaskListCustomView40 TaskListCustomView40 TaskListCustomView40 717

Task List Custom View 40

TaskListCustomView41 TaskListCustomView41 TaskListCustomView41 TaskListCustomView41 TaskListCustomView41 718

Task List Custom View 41

TaskListCustomView42 TaskListCustomView42 TaskListCustomView42 TaskListCustomView42 TaskListCustomView42 719

Task List Custom View 42

TaskListCustomView43 TaskListCustomView43 TaskListCustomView43 TaskListCustomView43 TaskListCustomView43 720

Task List Custom View 43

TaskListCustomView44 TaskListCustomView44 TaskListCustomView44 TaskListCustomView44 TaskListCustomView44 721

Task List Custom View 44

TaskListCustomView45 TaskListCustomView45 TaskListCustomView45 TaskListCustomView45 TaskListCustomView45 722

Task List Custom View 45

TaskListCustomView46 TaskListCustomView46 TaskListCustomView46 TaskListCustomView46 TaskListCustomView46 723

Task List Custom View 46

TaskListCustomView47 TaskListCustomView47 TaskListCustomView47 TaskListCustomView47 TaskListCustomView47 724

Task List Custom View 47

TaskListCustomView48 TaskListCustomView48 TaskListCustomView48 TaskListCustomView48 TaskListCustomView48 725

Task List Custom View 48

TaskListCustomView49 TaskListCustomView49 TaskListCustomView49 TaskListCustomView49 TaskListCustomView49 726

Task List Custom View 49

TaskListCustomView5 TaskListCustomView5 TaskListCustomView5 TaskListCustomView5 TaskListCustomView5 682

Task List Custom View 5

TaskListCustomView50 TaskListCustomView50 TaskListCustomView50 TaskListCustomView50 TaskListCustomView50 727

Task List Custom View 50

TaskListCustomView6 TaskListCustomView6 TaskListCustomView6 TaskListCustomView6 TaskListCustomView6 683

Task List Custom View 6

TaskListCustomView7 TaskListCustomView7 TaskListCustomView7 TaskListCustomView7 TaskListCustomView7 684

Task List Custom View 7

TaskListCustomView8 TaskListCustomView8 TaskListCustomView8 TaskListCustomView8 TaskListCustomView8 685

Task List Custom View 8

TaskListCustomView9 TaskListCustomView9 TaskListCustomView9 TaskListCustomView9 TaskListCustomView9 686

Task List Custom View 9

TaskListFilterByCategoryComment TaskListFilterByCategoryComment TaskListFilterByCategoryComment TaskListFilterByCategoryComment TaskListFilterByCategoryComment 328

Filter Task List by Comment Category

TaskListFilterByCategoryCompiler TaskListFilterByCategoryCompiler TaskListFilterByCategoryCompiler TaskListFilterByCategoryCompiler TaskListFilterByCategoryCompiler 327

Filter Task List by Compiler Category

TaskListFilterByCategoryHTML TaskListFilterByCategoryHTML TaskListFilterByCategoryHTML TaskListFilterByCategoryHTML TaskListFilterByCategoryHTML 361

Filter Task List by HTML Category

TaskListFilterByCategoryShortcut TaskListFilterByCategoryShortcut TaskListFilterByCategoryShortcut TaskListFilterByCategoryShortcut TaskListFilterByCategoryShortcut 360

Filter Task List by Shortcut Category

TaskListFilterByCategoryUser TaskListFilterByCategoryUser TaskListFilterByCategoryUser TaskListFilterByCategoryUser TaskListFilterByCategoryUser 359

Filter Task List by User Category

TaskListFilterByChecked TaskListFilterByChecked TaskListFilterByChecked TaskListFilterByChecked TaskListFilterByChecked 363

Filter Task List by Checked Items

TaskListFilterByCurrentFile TaskListFilterByCurrentFile TaskListFilterByCurrentFile TaskListFilterByCurrentFile TaskListFilterByCurrentFile 362

Filter Task List by Current File

TaskListFilterByNothing TaskListFilterByNothing TaskListFilterByNothing TaskListFilterByNothing TaskListFilterByNothing 325

Filter Task List by Nothing

TaskListFilterByUnchecked TaskListFilterByUnchecked TaskListFilterByUnchecked TaskListFilterByUnchecked TaskListFilterByUnchecked 364

Filter Task List by Unchecked Items

TaskListNextError TaskListNextError TaskListNextError TaskListNextError TaskListNextError 357

Filter Task List by Next Error

TaskListPrevError TaskListPrevError TaskListPrevError TaskListPrevError TaskListPrevError 358

Filter Task List by Previous Error

TaskListPreviousView TaskListPreviousView TaskListPreviousView TaskListPreviousView TaskListPreviousView 347

Previous Task List View

TaskListShowTooltip TaskListShowTooltip TaskListShowTooltip TaskListShowTooltip TaskListShowTooltip 324

Show Task List Tooltip

TaskListSortByCategory TaskListSortByCategory TaskListSortByCategory TaskListSortByCategory TaskListSortByCategory 320

Sort Task List by Category

TaskListSortByChecked TaskListSortByChecked TaskListSortByChecked TaskListSortByChecked TaskListSortByChecked 366

Sort Task List by Checked Items

TaskListSortByDefaultSort TaskListSortByDefaultSort TaskListSortByDefaultSort TaskListSortByDefaultSort TaskListSortByDefaultSort 323

Sort Task List by Default Sort Order

TaskListSortByDescription TaskListSortByDescription TaskListSortByDescription TaskListSortByDescription TaskListSortByDescription 365

Sort Task List by Description

TaskListSortByFileLine TaskListSortByFileLine TaskListSortByFileLine TaskListSortByFileLine TaskListSortByFileLine 321

Sort Task List by File Line

TaskListSortByPriority TaskListSortByPriority TaskListSortByPriority TaskListSortByPriority TaskListSortByPriority 322

Sort Task List by Priority

TaskListTaskHelp TaskListTaskHelp TaskListTaskHelp TaskListTaskHelp TaskListTaskHelp 598

Task List Task Help

TaskListWindow TaskListWindow TaskListWindow TaskListWindow TaskListWindow 236

Command id:"Task List Window" on View menu.

TechSupport TechSupport TechSupport TechSupport TechSupport 270

Command id:"Technical Support" on Help menu.

ThisWindow ThisWindow ThisWindow ThisWindow ThisWindow 748

Command id:"This Window" on View menu.

ThreadResume ThreadResume ThreadResume ThreadResume ThreadResume 312

Resume Thread

ThreadSetFocus ThreadSetFocus ThreadSetFocus ThreadSetFocus ThreadSetFocus 313

Set Focus on Thread

ThreadSuspend ThreadSuspend ThreadSuspend ThreadSuspend ThreadSuspend 311

Suspend Thread

TileHorz TileHorz TileHorz TileHorz TileHorz 268

Command id:"Tile Horizontal" on Window menu.

TileVert TileVert TileVert TileVert TileVert 269

Command id:"Tile Vertical" on Window menu.

ToggleBookmark ToggleBookmark ToggleBookmark ToggleBookmark ToggleBookmark 560

Toggle Bookmark

ToggleBreakpoint ToggleBreakpoint ToggleBreakpoint ToggleBreakpoint ToggleBreakpoint 255

Command id:"Toggle Breakpoint" on Debug menu.

ToggleInsMode ToggleInsMode ToggleInsMode ToggleInsMode ToggleInsMode 342

Toggle Insert Mode

ToggleSelMode ToggleSelMode ToggleSelMode ToggleSelMode ToggleSelMode 341

Toggle Selection Mode

Tool1 Tool1 Tool1 Tool1 Tool1 630

Tool 1

Tool10 Tool10 Tool10 Tool10 Tool10 639

Tool 10

Tool11 Tool11 Tool11 Tool11 Tool11 640

Tool 11

Tool12 Tool12 Tool12 Tool12 Tool12 641

Tool 12

Tool13 Tool13 Tool13 Tool13 Tool13 642

Tool 13

Tool14 Tool14 Tool14 Tool14 Tool14 643

Tool 14

Tool15 Tool15 Tool15 Tool15 Tool15 644

Tool 15

Tool16 Tool16 Tool16 Tool16 Tool16 645

Tool 16

Tool17 Tool17 Tool17 Tool17 Tool17 646

Tool 17

Tool18 Tool18 Tool18 Tool18 Tool18 647

Tool 18

Tool19 Tool19 Tool19 Tool19 Tool19 648

Tool 19

Tool2 Tool2 Tool2 Tool2 Tool2 631

Tool 2

Tool20 Tool20 Tool20 Tool20 Tool20 649

Tool 20

Tool21 Tool21 Tool21 Tool21 Tool21 650

Tool 21

Tool22 Tool22 Tool22 Tool22 Tool22 651

Tool 22

Tool23 Tool23 Tool23 Tool23 Tool23 652

Tool 23

Tool24 Tool24 Tool24 Tool24 Tool24 653

Tool 24

Tool3 Tool3 Tool3 Tool3 Tool3 632

Tool 3

Tool4 Tool4 Tool4 Tool4 Tool4 633

Tool 4

Tool5 Tool5 Tool5 Tool5 Tool5 634

Tool 5

Tool6 Tool6 Tool6 Tool6 Tool6 635

Tool 6

Tool7 Tool7 Tool7 Tool7 Tool7 636

Tool 7

Tool8 Tool8 Tool8 Tool8 Tool8 637

Tool 8

Tool9 Tool9 Tool9 Tool9 Tool9 638

Tool 9

Toolbox Toolbox Toolbox Toolbox Toolbox 42


ToolboxAddItem ToolboxAddItem ToolboxAddItem ToolboxAddItem ToolboxAddItem 329

Add Toolbox Item

ToolboxAddTab ToolboxAddTab ToolboxAddTab ToolboxAddTab ToolboxAddTab 300

Add Toolbox Tab

ToolboxDeleteTab ToolboxDeleteTab ToolboxDeleteTab ToolboxDeleteTab ToolboxDeleteTab 301

Delete Toolbox Tab

ToolboxListView ToolboxListView ToolboxListView ToolboxListView ToolboxListView 306

Toolbox List View

ToolboxRenameItem ToolboxRenameItem ToolboxRenameItem ToolboxRenameItem ToolboxRenameItem 305

Rename Toolbox Item

ToolboxRenameTab ToolboxRenameTab ToolboxRenameTab ToolboxRenameTab ToolboxRenameTab 302

Rename Toolbox Tab

ToolboxReset ToolboxReset ToolboxReset ToolboxReset ToolboxReset 330

Reset Toolbox

ToolboxShowAllTabs ToolboxShowAllTabs ToolboxShowAllTabs ToolboxShowAllTabs ToolboxShowAllTabs 656

Show All Toolbox Tabs

ToolboxSortItems ToolboxSortItems ToolboxSortItems ToolboxSortItems ToolboxSortItems 659

Sort Toolbox Items

ToolboxTabMoveDown ToolboxTabMoveDown ToolboxTabMoveDown ToolboxTabMoveDown ToolboxTabMoveDown 304

Toolbox Tab Move Down

ToolboxTabMoveUp ToolboxTabMoveUp ToolboxTabMoveUp ToolboxTabMoveUp ToolboxTabMoveUp 303

Toolbox Tab Move Up

ToolsDebugProcesses ToolsDebugProcesses ToolsDebugProcesses ToolsDebugProcesses ToolsDebugProcesses 1060

Debug Process

ToolsOptions ToolsOptions ToolsOptions ToolsOptions ToolsOptions 264

Command id:"Tools Options" on the Tools menu.

Totals Totals Totals Totals Totals 121


TransitiveClosure TransitiveClosure TransitiveClosure TransitiveClosure TransitiveClosure 160

Transitive Closure

TshellRun TshellRun TshellRun TshellRun TshellRun 399

For debugging only.

TshellStep TshellStep TshellStep TshellStep TshellStep 398

For debugging only.

uieventidDrop uieventidDrop uieventidDrop uieventidDrop uieventidDrop 49154

Drop UI Event ID

uieventidFirst uieventidFirst uieventidFirst uieventidFirst uieventidFirst 49152

First UI Event ID

uieventidLast uieventidLast uieventidLast uieventidLast uieventidLast 57343

Last UI Event ID

uieventidSelectRegion uieventidSelectRegion uieventidSelectRegion uieventidSelectRegion uieventidSelectRegion 49153

Select UI Event ID Region

Underline Underline Underline Underline Underline 77


Undo Undo Undo Undo Undo 43

Command id:"Undo".

Ungroup Ungroup Ungroup Ungroup Ungroup 45


UnionJoin UnionJoin UnionJoin UnionJoin UnionJoin 130

Union Join

UnloadLoadedProject UnloadLoadedProject UnloadLoadedProject UnloadLoadedProject UnloadLoadedProject 344

Unload Loaded Project

UnloadProject UnloadProject UnloadProject UnloadProject UnloadProject 413

User-invoked project unload.

UpdateMarkerSpans UpdateMarkerSpans UpdateMarkerSpans UpdateMarkerSpans UpdateMarkerSpans 386

Update Marker Spans

UpdateQuery UpdateQuery UpdateQuery UpdateQuery UpdateQuery 119

Update Query

VBEFirst VBEFirst VBEFirst VBEFirst VBEFirst 32768

VB Editor First

VBELast VBELast VBELast VBELast VBELast 40959

VB Editor Last

VerifySQL VerifySQL VerifySQL VerifySQL VerifySQL 107

Verify SQL

VertSpaceConcatenate VertSpaceConcatenate VertSpaceConcatenate VertSpaceConcatenate VertSpaceConcatenate 46

Concatenate Vertical Space

VertSpaceDecrease VertSpaceDecrease VertSpaceDecrease VertSpaceDecrease VertSpaceDecrease 47

Decrease Vertical Space

VertSpaceIncrease VertSpaceIncrease VertSpaceIncrease VertSpaceIncrease VertSpaceIncrease 48

Increase Vertical Space

VertSpaceMakeEqual VertSpaceMakeEqual VertSpaceMakeEqual VertSpaceMakeEqual VertSpaceMakeEqual 49

Make Vertical Space Equal

ViewBarView1 ViewBarView1 ViewBarView1 ViewBarView1 ViewBarView1 660


ViewBarView10 ViewBarView10 ViewBarView10 ViewBarView10 ViewBarView10 669


ViewBarView11 ViewBarView11 ViewBarView11 ViewBarView11 ViewBarView11 670


ViewBarView12 ViewBarView12 ViewBarView12 ViewBarView12 ViewBarView12 671


ViewBarView13 ViewBarView13 ViewBarView13 ViewBarView13 ViewBarView13 672


ViewBarView14 ViewBarView14 ViewBarView14 ViewBarView14 ViewBarView14 673


ViewBarView15 ViewBarView15 ViewBarView15 ViewBarView15 ViewBarView15 674


ViewBarView16 ViewBarView16 ViewBarView16 ViewBarView16 ViewBarView16 675


ViewBarView17 ViewBarView17 ViewBarView17 ViewBarView17 ViewBarView17 676


ViewBarView18 ViewBarView18 ViewBarView18 ViewBarView18 ViewBarView18 677


ViewBarView19 ViewBarView19 ViewBarView19 ViewBarView19 ViewBarView19 678


ViewBarView2 ViewBarView2 ViewBarView2 ViewBarView2 ViewBarView2 661


ViewBarView20 ViewBarView20 ViewBarView20 ViewBarView20 ViewBarView20 679


ViewBarView21 ViewBarView21 ViewBarView21 ViewBarView21 ViewBarView21 680


ViewBarView22 ViewBarView22 ViewBarView22 ViewBarView22 ViewBarView22 681


ViewBarView23 ViewBarView23 ViewBarView23 ViewBarView23 ViewBarView23 682


ViewBarView24 ViewBarView24 ViewBarView24 ViewBarView24 ViewBarView24 683


ViewBarView3 ViewBarView3 ViewBarView3 ViewBarView3 ViewBarView3 662


ViewBarView4 ViewBarView4 ViewBarView4 ViewBarView4 ViewBarView4 663


ViewBarView5 ViewBarView5 ViewBarView5 ViewBarView5 ViewBarView5 664


ViewBarView6 ViewBarView6 ViewBarView6 ViewBarView6 ViewBarView6 665


ViewBarView7 ViewBarView7 ViewBarView7 ViewBarView7 ViewBarView7 666


ViewBarView8 ViewBarView8 ViewBarView8 ViewBarView8 ViewBarView8 667


ViewBarView9 ViewBarView9 ViewBarView9 ViewBarView9 ViewBarView9 668


ViewCode ViewCode ViewCode ViewCode ViewCode 333

View Code

ViewCollapsed ViewCollapsed ViewCollapsed ViewCollapsed ViewCollapsed 122

View Collapsed

ViewFieldList ViewFieldList ViewFieldList ViewFieldList ViewFieldList 123

View Field List

ViewForm ViewForm ViewForm ViewForm ViewForm 332

View Form

ViewGrid ViewGrid ViewGrid ViewGrid ViewGrid 125

View Grid

ViewKeys ViewKeys ViewKeys ViewKeys ViewKeys 124

View Keys


Launch new webscope for URL.

ViewNextTab ViewNextTab ViewNextTab ViewNextTab ViewNextTab 1043

View Next Tab

ViewPopup ViewPopup ViewPopup ViewPopup ViewPopup 1039

View Popup

ViewThreadsWindow ViewThreadsWindow ViewThreadsWindow ViewThreadsWindow ViewThreadsWindow 214

View Threads Window

WatchWindow WatchWindow WatchWindow WatchWindow WatchWindow 241

Command id:"Watch Window" on View menu.

WhiteSpace WhiteSpace WhiteSpace WhiteSpace WhiteSpace 728


WildCharInSet WildCharInSet WildCharInSet WildCharInSet WildCharInSet 757

Regular expression builder wildcard menu command id: "Wild Character in Set".

WildCharNotInSet WildCharNotInSet WildCharNotInSet WildCharNotInSet WildCharNotInSet 758

Regular expression builder wildcard menu command id: "Wild Character Not in Set".

WildSingleChar WildSingleChar WildSingleChar WildSingleChar WildSingleChar 755

Regular expression builder wildcard menu command id: "Single Wild Character"

WildSingleDigit WildSingleDigit WildSingleDigit WildSingleDigit WildSingleDigit 756

Regular expression builder wildcard menu command id: "Wild Single Digit".

WildZeroOrMore WildZeroOrMore WildZeroOrMore WildZeroOrMore WildZeroOrMore 754

Regular expression builder wildcard menu command id:

Window1 Window1 Window1 Window1 Window1 570

Window 1 menu id.

Window10 Window10 Window10 Window10 Window10 579

Window 10 menu id.

Window11 Window11 Window11 Window11 Window11 580

Window 11 menu id.

Window12 Window12 Window12 Window12 Window12 581

Window 12 menu id.

Window13 Window13 Window13 Window13 Window13 582

Window 13 menu id.

Window14 Window14 Window14 Window14 Window14 583

Window 14 menu id.

Window15 Window15 Window15 Window15 Window15 584

Window 15 menu id.

Window16 Window16 Window16 Window16 Window16 585

Window 16 menu id.

Window17 Window17 Window17 Window17 Window17 586

Window 17 menu id.

Window18 Window18 Window18 Window18 Window18 587

Window 18 menu id.

Window19 Window19 Window19 Window19 Window19 588

Window 19 menu id.

Window2 Window2 Window2 Window2 Window2 571

Window 2 menu id.

Window20 Window20 Window20 Window20 Window20 589

Window 20 menu id.

Window21 Window21 Window21 Window21 Window21 590

Window 21 menu id.

Window22 Window22 Window22 Window22 Window22 591

Window 22 menu id.

Window23 Window23 Window23 Window23 Window23 592

Window 23 menu id.

Window24 Window24 Window24 Window24 Window24 593

Window 24 menu id.

Window25 Window25 Window25 Window25 Window25 594

Window 25 menu id.

Window3 Window3 Window3 Window3 Window3 572

Window 3 menu id.

Window4 Window4 Window4 Window4 Window4 573

Window 4 menu id.

Window5 Window5 Window5 Window5 Window5 574

Window 5 menu id.

Window6 Window6 Window6 Window6 Window6 575

Window 6 menu id.

Window7 Window7 Window7 Window7 Window7 576

Window 7 menu id.

Window8 Window8 Window8 Window8 Window8 577

Window 8 menu id.

Window9 Window9 Window9 Window9 Window9 578

Window 9 menu id.

WindowHelp WindowHelp WindowHelp WindowHelp WindowHelp 1038

Window Help

WindowUIGetList WindowUIGetList WindowUIGetList WindowUIGetList WindowUIGetList 308

Get Window UI List

WindowUIList WindowUIList WindowUIList WindowUIList WindowUIList 215

Window UI List

ZeroOrMore ZeroOrMore ZeroOrMore ZeroOrMore ZeroOrMore 734

Zero or More

Zoom10 Zoom10 Zoom10 Zoom10 Zoom10 32784

Zoom Factor 10%

Zoom100 Zoom100 Zoom100 Zoom100 Zoom100 32772

Zoom Factor 100%

Zoom150 Zoom150 Zoom150 Zoom150 Zoom150 32771

Zoom Factor 150%

Zoom200 Zoom200 Zoom200 Zoom200 Zoom200 32770

Zoom Factor 200%

Zoom25 Zoom25 Zoom25 Zoom25 Zoom25 32775

Zoom Factor 25%

Zoom50 Zoom50 Zoom50 Zoom50 Zoom50 32774

Zoom Factor 50%

Zoom75 Zoom75 Zoom75 Zoom75 Zoom75 32773

Zoom Factor 75%

ZoomDialog ZoomDialog ZoomDialog ZoomDialog ZoomDialog 348

Zoom Dialog

ZoomIn ZoomIn ZoomIn ZoomIn ZoomIn 162

Zoom In

ZoomOut ZoomOut ZoomOut ZoomOut ZoomOut 163

Zoom Out

ZoomPercent ZoomPercent ZoomPercent ZoomPercent ZoomPercent 50

Zoom by Percent

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