eParamAttr eParamAttr eParamAttr eParamAttr Enum


Used by the Attribute property of the IParamInfo object.

public enum class eParamAttr
public enum eParamAttr
type eParamAttr = 
Public Enum eParamAttr


eparamIn eparamIn eparamIn eparamIn 0

An in parameter that is allocated, set, and freed by the caller of the function or interface method. This parameter is not modified by the called function.

eparamInOut eparamInOut eparamInOut eparamInOut 2

An in/out parameter, initially allocated by the caller of a function or interface method, and set, freed, and reallocated, if necessary, by the process that is called.

eparamOut eparamOut eparamOut eparamOut 1

A parameter allocated by the function being called, and freed by caller.

eparamOutRetval eparamOutRetval eparamOutRetval eparamOutRetval 3

The parameter is allocated by the property being called, and the value is returned to the caller.

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