ConfigurationAttributeSchema ConfigurationAttributeSchema ConfigurationAttributeSchema ConfigurationAttributeSchema Class


Provides access to the attributes that define the schema for a configuration attribute.

public ref class ConfigurationAttributeSchema sealed
public sealed class ConfigurationAttributeSchema
type ConfigurationAttributeSchema = class
Public NotInheritable Class ConfigurationAttributeSchema


AllowInfinite AllowInfinite AllowInfinite AllowInfinite

Gets a value indicating whether the value "infinite" can be stored in this attribute.

DefaultValue DefaultValue DefaultValue DefaultValue

Gets the data that the attribute returns when a value is not explicitly set.

IsCaseSensitive IsCaseSensitive IsCaseSensitive IsCaseSensitive

Gets a value indicating whether the attribute value is case-sensitive.

IsCombinedKey IsCombinedKey IsCombinedKey IsCombinedKey

Gets a value indicating whether this attribute is part of a multiple-attribute key for a collection.

IsEncrypted IsEncrypted IsEncrypted IsEncrypted

Gets a value indicating whether the attribute is encrypted on disk.

IsExpanded IsExpanded IsExpanded IsExpanded

Gets a value indicating whether environment variables in an attribute value should be expanded.

IsRequired IsRequired IsRequired IsRequired

Gets a value indicating whether a value must be defined for an attribute.

IsUniqueKey IsUniqueKey IsUniqueKey IsUniqueKey

Gets a value indicating whether this attribute is the unique key for a collection.

Name Name Name Name

Gets the name of the attribute.

TimeSpanFormat TimeSpanFormat TimeSpanFormat TimeSpanFormat

Gets a value that determines the format in which TimeSpan attributes are stored.

Type Type Type Type

Gets the common language runtime (CLR) type of an attribute.

ValidationParameter ValidationParameter ValidationParameter ValidationParameter

Gets the additional parameters needed to validate the data in a configuration attribute.

ValidationType ValidationType ValidationType ValidationType

Gets the type of validation that this attribute uses.


GetEnumValues() GetEnumValues() GetEnumValues() GetEnumValues()

Returns a collection of configuration enumeration values.

GetMetadata(String) GetMetadata(String) GetMetadata(String) GetMetadata(String)

Returns metadata values from the schema.

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