ConfigurationCollectionSchema ConfigurationCollectionSchema ConfigurationCollectionSchema ConfigurationCollectionSchema Class


Represents the schema for a collection in the IIS 7 configuration system.

public ref class ConfigurationCollectionSchema sealed
public sealed class ConfigurationCollectionSchema
type ConfigurationCollectionSchema = class
Public NotInheritable Class ConfigurationCollectionSchema


AddElementNames AddElementNames AddElementNames AddElementNames

Gets a comma-delimited list of names of elements that can add items to the collection.

AllowDuplicates AllowDuplicates AllowDuplicates AllowDuplicates

Gets a value indicating whether the collection allows duplicate keys.

ClearElementName ClearElementName ClearElementName ClearElementName

Gets the name of the element that will be used to clear all items from the collection.

IsMergeAppend IsMergeAppend IsMergeAppend IsMergeAppend

Gets a value indicating whether local elements are merged after inherited elements are added to the collection.

RemoveElementName RemoveElementName RemoveElementName RemoveElementName

Gets the name of the element that will be used to remove an item from the collection.


GetAddElementSchema(String) GetAddElementSchema(String) GetAddElementSchema(String) GetAddElementSchema(String)

Returns the schema for the add element that has the specified name.

GetClearElementSchema() GetClearElementSchema() GetClearElementSchema() GetClearElementSchema()

Returns the schema for the clear element.

GetMetadata(String) GetMetadata(String) GetMetadata(String) GetMetadata(String)

Returns metadata from the collection schema.

GetRemoveElementSchema() GetRemoveElementSchema() GetRemoveElementSchema() GetRemoveElementSchema()

Returns the schema for the remove element.

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