LogExtFileFlags LogExtFileFlags LogExtFileFlags LogExtFileFlags Enum


Contains flags that determine which categories of information are written to the log file or data source during logging events.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class LogExtFileFlags
public enum LogExtFileFlags
type LogExtFileFlags = 
Public Enum LogExtFileFlags


BytesRecv BytesRecv BytesRecv BytesRecv 8192

The total bytes received.

BytesSent BytesSent BytesSent BytesSent 4096

The total bytes sent.

ClientIP ClientIP ClientIP ClientIP 4

The client IP address.

ComputerName ComputerName ComputerName ComputerName 32

The local computer name.


Information from the client cookie.

Date Date Date Date 1

The date.

Host Host Host Host 1048576

The name of host server.

HttpStatus HttpStatus HttpStatus HttpStatus 1024

The HTTP status.

HttpSubStatus HttpSubStatus HttpSubStatus HttpSubStatus 2097152

The substatus code of the HTTP error. For example, for the 500.18 HTTP error, the status code is 500 and the substatus code is 18.

Method Method Method Method 128

The protocol method.

ProtocolVersion ProtocolVersion ProtocolVersion ProtocolVersion 524288

The client server protocol version.

Referer Referer Referer Referer 262144

The referrer field sent by the client.

ServerIP ServerIP ServerIP ServerIP 64

The server's own IP address.

ServerPort ServerPort ServerPort ServerPort 32768

The active server port.

SiteName SiteName SiteName SiteName 16

The site name.

Time Time Time Time 2

The time.

TimeTaken TimeTaken TimeTaken TimeTaken 16384

The total time taken for a request to be completed.

UriQuery UriQuery UriQuery UriQuery 512

The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) query information. The URI query usually consists of parameters that are passed to the URL by using the URL?Parameters format.

UriStem UriStem UriStem UriStem 256

The Universal Resource Identifier (URI) stem information. The URI stem usually consists of the actual resource that is being requested.

UserAgent UserAgent UserAgent UserAgent 65536

The contents of the user agent field that is sent by the client.

UserName UserName UserName UserName 8

The user name.

Win32Status Win32Status Win32Status Win32Status 2048

The LogFile or LogFile property has a Microsoft Win32 error status.


To use this enumeration to specify the type of information that is logged, set one or more of the flags on the Microsoft.Web.Administration.Site.LogFile or Microsoft.Web.Administration.SiteDefaults.LogFile properties.

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