ProcessModelIdentityType ProcessModelIdentityType ProcessModelIdentityType ProcessModelIdentityType Enum


Specifies the process model identity of an application pool.

public enum class ProcessModelIdentityType
public enum ProcessModelIdentityType
type ProcessModelIdentityType = 
Public Enum ProcessModelIdentityType


ApplicationPoolIdentity ApplicationPoolIdentity ApplicationPoolIdentity ApplicationPoolIdentity 4
LocalService LocalService LocalService LocalService 1

The application pool runs as NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE.

LocalSystem LocalSystem LocalSystem LocalSystem 0

The application pool runs as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.

NetworkService NetworkService NetworkService NetworkService 2

The application pool runs as NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE. The default value.

SpecificUser SpecificUser SpecificUser SpecificUser 3

The application pool runs as a specific user account, defined by the UserName property.


The values of this enumeration enable you to configure your application pools to run under the security context of an existing security account or a custom account. If you configure the process model to use the SpecificUser value, you must also configure the UserName and Password properties of the ApplicationPoolProcessModel class.

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