PowerModeChangedEventArgs PowerModeChangedEventArgs PowerModeChangedEventArgs PowerModeChangedEventArgs Class


Provides data for the PowerModeChanged event.

public ref class PowerModeChangedEventArgs : EventArgs
public class PowerModeChangedEventArgs : EventArgs
type PowerModeChangedEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class PowerModeChangedEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


A PowerModeChanged event is raised when the user suspends or resumes the operating system, or when a system power status notification occurs. A system power status notification can occur when a weak or charging power source is detected, or when a transition from AC or battery power source occurs.

The Mode property of a PowerModeChangedEventArgs indicates the type of power mode event that has occurred.


PowerModeChangedEventArgs(PowerModes) PowerModeChangedEventArgs(PowerModes) PowerModeChangedEventArgs(PowerModes) PowerModeChangedEventArgs(PowerModes)

Initializes a new instance of the PowerModeChangedEventArgs class using the specified power mode event type.


Mode Mode Mode Mode

Gets an identifier that indicates the type of the power mode event that has occurred.


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