UserPreferenceCategory UserPreferenceCategory UserPreferenceCategory UserPreferenceCategory Enum


Defines identifiers that represent categories of user preferences.

public enum class UserPreferenceCategory
public enum UserPreferenceCategory
type UserPreferenceCategory = 
Public Enum UserPreferenceCategory


Accessibility Accessibility Accessibility Accessibility 1

Indicates user preferences associated with accessibility features of the system for users with disabilities.

Color Color Color Color 2

Indicates user preferences associated with system colors. This category includes such as the default color of windows or menus.

Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop 3

Indicates user preferences associated with the system desktop. This category includes the background image or background image layout of the desktop.

General General General General 4

Indicates user preferences that are not associated with any other category.

Icon Icon Icon Icon 5

Indicates user preferences for icon settings, including icon height and spacing.

Keyboard Keyboard Keyboard Keyboard 6

Indicates user preferences for keyboard settings, such as the key down repeat rate and delay.

Locale Locale Locale Locale 13

Indicates changes in user preferences for regional settings, such as the character encoding and culture strings.

Menu Menu Menu Menu 7

Indicates user preferences for menu settings, such as menu delays and text alignment.

Mouse Mouse Mouse Mouse 8

Indicates user preferences for mouse settings, such as double-click time and mouse sensitivity.

Policy Policy Policy Policy 9

Indicates user preferences for policy settings, such as user rights and access levels.

Power Power Power Power 10

Indicates the user preferences for system power settings. This category includes power feature settings, such as the idle time before the system automatically enters low power mode.

Screensaver Screensaver Screensaver Screensaver 11

Indicates user preferences associated with the screensaver.

VisualStyle VisualStyle VisualStyle VisualStyle 14

Indicates user preferences associated with visual styles, such as enabling or disabling visual styles and switching from one visual style to another.

Window Window Window Window 12

Indicates user preferences associated with the dimensions and characteristics of windows on the system.


UserPreferenceCategory provides identifiers that can represent a category of user preferences.

Some of the user preferences in these categories can be changed using the Windows Control Panel, the Computer Management console, or programmatically using an appropriate API.

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