MobileServicePushStatus MobileServicePushStatus MobileServicePushStatus Enum


State in which push completed.

public enum MobileServicePushStatus
type MobileServicePushStatus = 
Public Enum MobileServicePushStatus


CancelledByAuthenticationError CancelledByAuthenticationError CancelledByAuthenticationError 2

Push was aborted due to authentication error.

CancelledByNetworkError CancelledByNetworkError CancelledByNetworkError 1

Push was aborted due to network error.

CancelledByOperation CancelledByOperation CancelledByOperation 5

Push was aborted by IMobileServiceTableOperation.

CancelledBySyncStoreError CancelledBySyncStoreError CancelledBySyncStoreError 3

Push was aborted due to error from sync store.

CancelledByToken CancelledByToken CancelledByToken 4

Push was aborted due to cancellation.

Complete Complete Complete 0

All table operations in the push action were completed, possibly with errors.

InternalError InternalError InternalError 2147483647

Push failed due to an internal error.

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