BlobContainerPermissions BlobContainerPermissions BlobContainerPermissions Class


Represents the permissions for a container.

public sealed class BlobContainerPermissions
type BlobContainerPermissions = class
Public NotInheritable Class BlobContainerPermissions


// If we want to set the permissions on a container, first we should get the existing permissions.
// This is important, because "SetPermissions" uses "replace" semantics, not "merge" semantics.
// If we skipped this step and just created a new BlobContainerPermissions object locally, 
// any existing policies would be deleted.
BlobContainerPermissions permissions = containerWithSharedKey.GetPermissions();

// Create a policy with read access.
SharedAccessBlobPolicy policy = new SharedAccessBlobPolicy()
    SharedAccessExpiryTime = DateTimeOffset.UtcNow.AddMinutes(30),
    Permissions = SharedAccessBlobPermissions.Read

// Once uploaded, these permissions will allow SAS tokens created with the named policy
// to read from the container for 30 minutes, as specified in the policy.
// This only applies to SAS tokens created referencing this specific policy name on this specific container.
permissions.SharedAccessPolicies[policyName] = policy;

// This call actually uploads the permissions to the Azure Storage Service.
// Note that this can take up to 30 seconds after the call completes to take affect.


BlobContainerPermissions() BlobContainerPermissions() BlobContainerPermissions()

Initializes a new instance of the BlobContainerPermissions class.


PublicAccess PublicAccess PublicAccess

Gets or sets the public access setting for the container.

SharedAccessPolicies SharedAccessPolicies SharedAccessPolicies

Gets the set of shared access policies for the container.

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