CloudBlob.EndOpenRead(IAsyncResult) CloudBlob.EndOpenRead(IAsyncResult) CloudBlob.EndOpenRead(IAsyncResult) Method


Ends an asynchronous operation to open a stream for reading from the blob.

public virtual System.IO.Stream EndOpenRead (IAsyncResult asyncResult);
abstract member EndOpenRead : IAsyncResult -> System.IO.Stream
override this.EndOpenRead : IAsyncResult -> System.IO.Stream
Public Overridable Function EndOpenRead (asyncResult As IAsyncResult) As Stream


IAsyncResult IAsyncResult IAsyncResult

An IAsyncResult that references the pending asynchronous operation.


A Stream object to be used for reading from the blob.


On the Stream object returned by this method, the EndRead(IAsyncResult) method must be called exactly once for every BeginRead(Byte[], Int32, Int32, AsyncCallback, Object) call. Failing to end the read process before beginning another read process can cause unexpected behavior.

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