CloudBlob.EndStartCopy(IAsyncResult) CloudBlob.EndStartCopy(IAsyncResult) CloudBlob.EndStartCopy(IAsyncResult) Method


Ends an asynchronous operation to start copying another blob's contents, properties, and metadata to this blob.

public virtual string EndStartCopy (IAsyncResult asyncResult);
abstract member EndStartCopy : IAsyncResult -> string
override this.EndStartCopy : IAsyncResult -> string
Public Overridable Function EndStartCopy (asyncResult As IAsyncResult) As String
IAsyncResult IAsyncResult IAsyncResult

An IAsyncResult that references the pending asynchronous operation.


A string containing the copy ID associated with the copy operation.


This method fetches the blob's ETag, last-modified time, and part of the copy state.

The copy ID and copy status fields are fetched, and the rest of the copy state is cleared.

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