PremiumPageBlobTier PremiumPageBlobTier PremiumPageBlobTier Enum


The tier of the page blob. Please take a look at for detailed information on the corresponding IOPS and throughtput per PremiumPageBlobTier.

public enum PremiumPageBlobTier
type PremiumPageBlobTier = 
Public Enum PremiumPageBlobTier


P10 P10 P10 3

P10 Tier

P20 P20 P20 4

P20 Tier

P30 P30 P30 5

P30 Tier

P4 P4 P4 1

P4 Tier

P40 P40 P40 6

P40 Tier

P50 P50 P50 7

P50 Tier

P6 P6 P6 2

P6 Tier

P60 P60 P60 8

P60 Tier

Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

The tier is not recognized by this version of the library.

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