TableOperationType TableOperationType TableOperationType Enum


Enumeration containing the types of operations that can be performed by a TableOperation.

public enum TableOperationType
type TableOperationType = 
Public Enum TableOperationType


Delete Delete Delete 1

Represents a delete operation.

Insert Insert Insert 0

Represents an insert operation.

InsertOrMerge InsertOrMerge InsertOrMerge 5

Represents an insert or merge operation.

InsertOrReplace InsertOrReplace InsertOrReplace 4

Represents an insert or replace operation.

Merge Merge Merge 3

Represents a merge operation.

Replace Replace Replace 2

Represents a replace operation.

Retrieve Retrieve Retrieve 6

Represents a retrieve operation.

RotateEncryptionKey RotateEncryptionKey RotateEncryptionKey 7

Represents an operation to rotate the encryption key.