ConcurrencyBehavior ConcurrencyBehavior ConcurrencyBehavior ConcurrencyBehavior Enum


Contains values to indicate the optimistic concurrency behavior that should be applied when performing entity update and delete operations.

public enum class ConcurrencyBehavior
[System.Runtime.Serialization.DataContract(Name="ConcurrencyBehavior", Namespace="")]
public enum ConcurrencyBehavior
type ConcurrencyBehavior = 
Public Enum ConcurrencyBehavior


AlwaysOverwrite AlwaysOverwrite AlwaysOverwrite AlwaysOverwrite 2

Specifies the behavior where an update or delete operation is applied without regard to the version of the record in the database. Value = 2.

If optimistic concurrency is not enabled for the target entity, the AlwaysOverwrite behavior is applied.

Default Default Default Default 0

Specifies to use the default behavior. Value = 0.

The default value is also used if no value is set in the ConcurrencyBehavior property of the request. The meaning of “default” is interpreted differently based on the calling context.

IfRowVersionMatches IfRowVersionMatches IfRowVersionMatches IfRowVersionMatches 1

Specifies the behavior where an update or delete operation is only applied if the entity record in the database has the same row version as the entity or entity reference in the request. Value = 1.

If no row version value is provided on the entity or entity references in the request, the request fails immediately.


For the Default option, the following behavior applies based on the indicated conditions.




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