EntityMetadata.EnforceStateTransitions EntityMetadata.EnforceStateTransitions EntityMetadata.EnforceStateTransitions EntityMetadata.EnforceStateTransitions Property


Gets whether the entity will enforce custom state transitions.

 property Nullable<bool> EnforceStateTransitions { Nullable<bool> get(); };
public Nullable<bool> EnforceStateTransitions { get; }
member this.EnforceStateTransitions : Nullable<bool>
Public ReadOnly Property EnforceStateTransitions As Nullable(Of Boolean)

Property Value

Type: Nullable<Boolean>true if the entity supports custom status transitions.; otherwise, false.


This property can only be set using the application. More information: Define custom state model transitions.

Incident (case) is the only system entity that supports custom state transitions. Custom entities may also support custom state transitions. The definitions for the allowed transitions are stored in the StatusOptionMetadata.TransitionData property.

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