MetadataConditionOperator MetadataConditionOperator MetadataConditionOperator MetadataConditionOperator Enum


Describes the type of comparison for two values in a metadata condition expression.

public enum class MetadataConditionOperator
[System.Runtime.Serialization.DataContract(Name="MetadataConditionOperator", Namespace="")]
public enum MetadataConditionOperator
type MetadataConditionOperator = 
Public Enum MetadataConditionOperator


Equals Equals Equals Equals 0

The values are compared for equality. Value = 0.

GreaterThan GreaterThan GreaterThan GreaterThan 4

The value is greater than the compared value. Value = 4.

In In In In 2

The value exists in a list of values. Value = 2.

LessThan LessThan LessThan LessThan 5

The value is less than the compared value. Value = 5.

NotEquals NotEquals NotEquals NotEquals 1

The two values are not equal. Value = 1.

NotIn NotIn NotIn NotIn 3

The given value is not matched to a value in a list. Value = 3.

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