MDLGeometryType MDLGeometryType Enum


Enumerates the geometric primitives to use for rendering.

public enum MDLGeometryType
type MDLGeometryType = 


Lines Lines 1

Indicates that consecutive index pairs describe lines.

Points Points 0

Indicates that each index describes a point.

Quads Quads 4

Indicates that each 4-index stride in the buffer specifies a quadrilateral.

Triangles Triangles 2

Indicates that each 3-index stride in the buffer specifies a triangle.

TriangleStrips TriangleStrips 3

Indicates that the first 3-index stride in the buffer specifies a triangle, and that successive points specify another triangle with the preceding two indices

VariableTopology VariableTopology 5

Indicates that the geometry is not uniform, and is described by its Topology property.

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