MessageElement MessageElement Class


Element to display a mail message-like record with sender, subject, date, read/unread statuses.

public class MessageElement : MonoTouch.Dialog.Element, MonoTouch.Dialog.IElementSizing
type MessageElement = class
    inherit Element
    interface IElementSizing


var messageSection = new Section ("Message Elements"){
	new MessageElement (msgSelected) { 
		Sender = "Miguel de Icaza (", 
		Subject = "Re: [Gtk-sharp-list] Glib Timeout and other ways to handle idle",
		Body = "Please bring friends, but make sure that you also bring eggs and bacon",
		Date = DateTime.Now - TimeSpan.FromHours (23),
		NewFlag = true,
		MessageCount = 0
	new MessageElement (msgSelected) { 
		Sender = "Nat Friedman (", 
		Subject = "Pictures from Vietnam",
		Body = "Hey, here are the pictures that I promised from Vietnam",
		Date = new DateTime (2010, 10, 20),
		NewFlag = false,
		MessageCount = 2
void msgSelected (DialogViewController dvc, UITableView tv, NSIndexPath path)
	// The message was selected


MessageElement() MessageElement()

Default constructor

MessageElement(Action<DialogViewController,UITableView,NSIndexPath>) MessageElement(Action<DialogViewController,UITableView,NSIndexPath>)


Body Body

The text to show as the body of the element, it shows up grey.

Caption Caption

The caption to display for this given element

(Inherited from Element)
Date Date

The date to display.

MessageCount MessageCount

The number to show as a badge as number of messages in the thread.

NewFlag NewFlag

Whether this message should be displayed as a new item or not.

Parent Parent

Handle to the container object.

(Inherited from Element)
Sender Sender

Text to use for the sender.

Subject Subject

Text to show as the subject


Deselected(DialogViewController, UITableView, NSIndexPath) Deselected(DialogViewController, UITableView, NSIndexPath) Inherited from Element
Dispose() Dispose() Inherited from Element
Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean) Inherited from Element
GetActiveCell() GetActiveCell() Inherited from Element
GetCell(UITableView) GetCell(UITableView)
GetContainerTableView() GetContainerTableView() Inherited from Element
GetHeight(UITableView, NSIndexPath) GetHeight(UITableView, NSIndexPath)
GetImmediateRootElement() GetImmediateRootElement()

If the cell is attached will return the immediate RootElement

(Inherited from Element)
Matches(String) Matches(String)
Selected(DialogViewController, UITableView, NSIndexPath) Selected(DialogViewController, UITableView, NSIndexPath)
Summary() Summary()

Returns a summary of the value represented by this object, suitable for rendering as the result of a RootElement with child objects.

(Inherited from Element)


Tapped Tapped

Event raised when the user taps on the cell.


CellKey CellKey

Subclasses that override the GetCell method should override this method as well

(Inherited from Element)
IndexPath IndexPath

Returns the IndexPath of a given element. This is only valid for leaf elements, it does not work for a toplevel RootElement or a Section of if the Element has not been attached yet.

(Inherited from Element)

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