Azure Data Lake Analytics libraries for .NET


Azure Data Lake Analytics is an on-demand analytics job service to simplify big data analytics.

To learn more, see Overview of Microsoft Azure Data Lake Analytics.

Management library

Use the management library to connect to the service and manage analytics jobs.

Install the NuGet package directly from the Visual Studio Package Manager console or with the .NET Core CLI.

Visual Studio Package Manager

Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.Analytics
dotnet add package Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.Analytics

Code Example

This example creates the clients to connect with and manage the analytics account.

using AdlClient 

// Setup authentication for this demo
Authentication auth = new Authentication(""); // change this to YOUR tenant

// Identify the accounts
AnalyticsAccountRef adla_account = new AnalyticsAccountRef(subscriptionId, resourceGroup, userName);

// Create the clients
AzureClient az = new AzureClient(auth);
AnalyticsClient adla = new AnalyticsClient(auth, adla_account);


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