AdvancedOptions AdvancedOptions AdvancedOptions Class


Extends base class for creation of controls specific to advanced options page.

public ref class AdvancedOptions : RadLangSvc::SqlPropertySheet
public class AdvancedOptions : RadLangSvc.SqlPropertySheet
Public Class AdvancedOptions
Inherits SqlPropertySheet


AdvancedOptions() AdvancedOptions() AdvancedOptions()

Initializes a new instance of the AdvancedOptions class.


AddLabelDivider(Label) AddLabelDivider(Label) AddLabelDivider(Label)

Adds a label divider to the property page.

(Inherited from SqlPropertySheet)
CalcSize() CalcSize() CalcSize()

Calculates the size of the window of the current handle.

(Inherited from SqlPropertySheet)
DefWndProc(Message) DefWndProc(Message) DefWndProc(Message)

Takes custom actions and sends the specified message to the default window procedure.

(Inherited from SqlPropertySheet)
Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean)

Disposes resources, if any.

OnApply() OnApply() OnApply()

Detects whether any settings have changed and whether they require a global or local refresh when the method for the SqlDialogPage object is called.

OnPaint(PaintEventArgs) OnPaint(PaintEventArgs) OnPaint(PaintEventArgs)

Overrides base class for custom actions.

(Inherited from SqlPropertySheet)
OnSetActive() OnSetActive() OnSetActive()

Initializes control values when SqlPropertySheet is activated.


SqlPrefs SqlPrefs SqlPrefs

Gets or sets the SQL language reference.

(Inherited from SqlPropertySheet)

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