ExtensionParameter ExtensionParameter ExtensionParameter Class


Represents a setting for an extension.

public ref class ExtensionParameter
public class ExtensionParameter
Public Class ExtensionParameter


A ExtensionParameter object is returned as output by the GetExtensionSettings and ValidateExtensionSettings methods.

When ExtensionParameter objects are returned by the GetExtensionSettings method, the default settings and values are returned. When ExtensionParameter objects are returned by ValidateExtensionSettings, the settings are returned to include any Error properties for the settings.


ExtensionParameter() ExtensionParameter() ExtensionParameter()

Initializes a new instance of the ExtensionParameter class.


DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

The name of the extension setting that is displayed to the user.

Encrypted Encrypted Encrypted

Indicates whether the extension parameter value should be encrypted in the report server database.

Error Error Error

An error that describes a problem with the value of the setting.

IsPassword IsPassword IsPassword

Indicates whether the extension parameter value should be returned in calls to the SOAP API.

Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of the device information setting.

ReadOnly ReadOnly ReadOnly

Indicates whether the setting is read-only.

Required Required Required

Indicates whether the value is read-only.

RequiredSpecified RequiredSpecified RequiredSpecified

Indicates whether the Required property is specified.

ValidValues ValidValues ValidValues

A set of values that can be configured for the setting.

Value Value Value

A string that represents the value of an extension parameter.

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