InvalidDataSourceReference InvalidDataSourceReference InvalidDataSourceReference Class


Represents a state in which a data source reference is no longer valid.

public ref class InvalidDataSourceReference : ReportService2005::DataSourceDefinitionOrReference
public class InvalidDataSourceReference : ReportService2005.DataSourceDefinitionOrReference
Public Class InvalidDataSourceReference
Inherits DataSourceDefinitionOrReference


An InvalidDataSourceReference object is used with the Item property as output by GetItemDataSources method.

In most cases, an InvalidDataSourceReference object is returned when a shared data source has been deleted.

To evaluate whether a data source reference is valid, use the is keyword in C# (TypeOf/Is in Visual Basic) to determine the type of object returned by the Item property of the DataSource class, as shown in the following C# code:

DataSource[] dataSource;  
dataSource = service.GetReportDataSources( "/MyReport" );  

foreach ( DataSource ds in dataSource )  
    if ( ds.Item is InvalidDataSourceReference )  
        // Code to handle a corrupt or missing data source reference goes here...  


InvalidDataSourceReference() InvalidDataSourceReference() InvalidDataSourceReference()

Initializes a new instance of the InvalidDataSourceReference class.

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